Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is my Honey's birthday. Last year we were on a cruise on his birthday. I told him he shouldn't get used to being away from every birthday. :) Today was a tiring day. Little Man was very energetic (and overwhelmed again by people) and he wore me out! So instead of a regular post tonight, I am making lists.

Things that I LOVE here:
1. A certain little boy's giggle that seems to come from his toes.
2. Seeing Babas (old women) walking in town with scarves on their heads and they always seem to be carrying a basket.
3. Seeing love in the eyes of Little Man's older foster sister (although it is sad too)
4. Watching Little Man learn new things and explore.
5. How so many people here try to speak a little English
6. Seeing miles and miles of overturned fields. (I know it's weird, but it is beautiful)
7. The way that Little Man raises his eyebrows so his eyes are as big as they can be and then smiles a huge smile....right before he does something he knows he's not supposed to do.
8. Having internet in the hotel's not always great, but I know we are lucky to have it.
9. The fact that Coke Zero tastes the same here...and I can find it almost everywhere
10. The feel of a little hand on my leg while riding in the car. :)

Things that I am TRYING to get used to:
1. Ordering something off the English menu and it not being what I thought I ordered. (examples....ordering sausage at breakfast and being served hot dogs, ordering a cheeseburger and getting a meat loaf with cheese in the middle, ordering a steak and getting a pork loin)
2. Driving here is NUTS!! We are so glad that we decided to hire a driver instead of renting a car.
3. People around us talking in another language and it not being translated. (Even when they are talking about us and our process)
4. My friends not being online when I am because of the time difference.
5. Not being able to have Diet Dr Pepper
6. A shower that is barely big enough to turn around in
7. Cars parked on the sidewalks.
8. Only having a couple outfits to choose from.
9. Washing said outfits in the sink
10. Our hotel having 2 twin beds...even pushed together there is a gap between them. We are used to cuddling when we sleep so one of us is always in the gap and it is not a comfortable place to be. :(

I was going to make a list of things that I hate, but I might get myself in trouble with that. LOL!

No pics today...I didn't get them loaded onto the computer and it is time for bed...sorry!

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