Friday, November 19, 2010

Interesting day

This morning was one of the most emotional of my life! We went to the foster home at about 11 this morning. After spending about an hour playing, we were called into the other room for the foster mom to tell us some things about Little Man. She told us what he likes to eat and that if he gets upset, that a snack will usually calm him down. She told us how to hold him close if he has a bit of a meltdown (which she says doesn't happen often, but it will happen). Then our translator said that she could take me upstairs to get some of his clothes. I could feel a change. As I walked upstairs, tears started welling up in my eyes. We went into his room and she started pulling clothes out to put in his backpack. Every few seconds she could exhale audibly and I could literally feel her heart breaking. I couldn't help it, tears started flowing. When she was done, she turned to hand me his backpack. I put my arm around her and she put hers around me and sobbed into my shoulder. I truly felt like I was taking her child away. She held on to me for a couple minutes. I told her I was sorry and she said it was ok. (She doesn't speak English, but somehow I think she understood) We went downstairs and I think the officials were concerned, but I couldn't help it.

I don't think Little Man felt anything different although she washed his face one last time and kissed him all over his face. It was truly heartbreaking to see. But now that job is mine....washing faces, kissing boo boos, giving baths and putting to bed. He is with us now in the hotel. It is almost bath time and then we will put to bed.....that will probably be a challenge, but I am up for it. The officials came to the hotel room about 7 tonight after him being with us all day. They both stood by the door with mouths open staring at this happy engaging child. He was trying to speak. He was copying things that Honey drew on the magnadoodle. He was smiling like he was the happiest child on earth. That is what did my heart good! Hopefully they will be able to write the final report tomorrow and it will be forwarded to the ministry. We hope the Ministry Official will be in the office and sign the document quickly....then we will have the adoption ceremony. Once that happens, he is ours! And we will begin the end of the process with embassy stuff and passport and visa and all that stuff. Then we will come home. That is the Readers Digest version of what we have left. :) Ok, off to give the first bath.

I will try to post a couple pics in a little bit.


  1. How exciting and wonderful!!! Can't wait to see pics! :)

  2. Wow wow wow! I was in tears reading this. My heart goes out to his foster mom. Oh my goodness. What an incredible day. It's the first day of the rest of your lives. Tonight you sleep, and tomorrow a whole new adventure starts! PRAISE GOD! And, in just 9 days (well, 8 days for you!) I'll probably be seeing you guys on the other side of the world! Can't wait to meet Little Man!

  3. So fun to hear that he's in your custody.... And I'm so happy to hear how obviously loved your little guy has been... Even though it must have been very, very hard.

  4. Oh Melissa and Bill: I don't think God could have ever made a better match then to bring the 3 of you together. He even looks like you both! How good is our God--even though looks are not important it's so fun to see the children in our hearts bear resemblence to us--in so many ways. He is adorable in so many of the pictures--but the one that flooded my eyes and stopped me for a solid 5 minutes was the picture of the three of you. I am so immeasurably touched by this moment for you--this time--it's amazing and precious and indescribable. Your experience is so different than ours--but the same all the same--and oh God will continue to bless you.

    Next--the post that moves me deeply is this one. What an emotional day. I can not imagine--her heart must be crushed into a million pieces. And then to read how HAPPY HE IS--my thought when I read that is, "Of course--he has his mommy and daddy now--and hey--it's Melissa and Bill--of course he's happy--you guys are so amazing and I'm sure he fell in love at first sight! How could he not.! " And "Oh that boy doesn't even know a sliver of how amazing his life with you is going to be! Happiness will overflow his little heart--and yours.!

    Sooooooo precious...thank you for sharing. So happy you're all safe and well. Try to enjoy your time in his country (sounds like you're absorbing it all) you will be home before you know it and wishing you could be back there. Yup--it's true.

    Thinking and praying for you! Always!

    Love and God Bless--Give that happy, sweet, loving, adorable little boy a hug for me and Izabella.

    Oh happy, happy days!

    Love and God Bless you and be with you as you finish up this adoption and journey home. That you make it safe! I'm thinking of you daily and praying.

    Lisa Cota Arndt

  5. I am so so so excited for you all!! Tears welped up in my eyes reading today's blog..but I am so happy for you two to have your son!!! You to will both be amazing parents! I am so glad this day finally made it here for you and well wishes