Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My heart

Adoption has been a part of my thought processes for most of my life. Let me explain...when I was a little girl, my imaginary friend was a little homeless girl named Jessie that I wanted my parents to adopt. (Strange, I know) When I was 8 years old, my best friend's name was Ray and he was a foster child along with his twin brother. We spent hours talking about his "situation" and although adoption was not in his long term plan, he was the first kid that I knew who made me understand how good I had it with the family that I had. He also made me want to care for foster kids when I got older. (I was a foster parent with my ex-husband....would love to do it again!) When I was 10 or 12, a relative became pregnant and did not feel that she could care for the child and asked my parents to adopt the child. I was thrilled!! Sadly, though, there were circumstances that led my parents to refuse to adopt her child. The same thing happened about 3 years later, and again they had to refuse. :( When I married my ex-husband, we tried right away to get pregnant, to no avail. During this time, I found Ukrainian Angels and felt that our child/ren were there. He said he was not interested in international adoption. So, we checked into foster/adopt through the state. About half way through the classes, we were matched with a 14 year old boy. OH BOY! Being a first time parent and having that child be a teenager was an interesting experience. He was a good boy, but he had MANY issues. He had been in dozens of homes since he was removed when he was 6. He had no trust of women and if I happened to touch him, he FREAKED!

When Honey and I first got together (8 years ago) he knew I wanted to adopt. At that time, Ukraine allowed singles to adopt, so I thought that I would be a single mom. I was totally OK with that! But money was an issue. I saved and saved, but it never seemed to be enough...then Ukraine changed its laws and singles were no longer allowed. I wasn't sure that Honey would ever want to get married (long story) so I figured international adoption wasn't in my future. When Honey "popped the question" at the Alamo in 2009, I started thinking that maybe my dreams could come true. And here we are. If you are curious about how we found our Little Man, read this and this.

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