Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pity party time

I do my best to not be a "woe is me" person. People who are like that drive me crazy! But right now, I kind of feel that way. We leave for Little Man's country in 6 days. I want someone to be as excited as I am! But I feel like when I talk...people do one of two things. They mentally roll their eyes (most have enough tact to not actually do the eye roll) or just shut me off. I realize that most people I am around don't have a heart for adoption like I do. But still...people who have known me for 5 minutes realize that I have desired to adopt for as long as I can remember. Do you ever feel like you're talking to yourself? Do you feel like people think, "Oh, here she comes again" whenever you enter a room? Do you ever just want to shut yourself away from people so that they can't hurt you by their lack of caring? Why is it that people who are expecting a baby the old fashioned way are entitled to attention being lavished and adoptive parents aren't? Someone asked me the other day if we were having a shower for Little Man. I realized that I don't have friends here that would do that for me. Throwing my own shower just seems sad. OK, pity party over....I'm meeting my son in a week. (I can say that since it is already Monday in Little Man's country!)

*I do have a praise!! Between the money I made from the craft fair and money I had in a savings account (from recycling bottles and cans - thank you very much!) we were getting close to covering the dog's boarding. Honey came out of his office today carrying an envelope. Inside was $300 in traveler's checks that somehow just got stuffed in his desk after we got back from our cruise last year. God provided...not in the way I thought, but HE DID IT!!


  1. I am as excited as you are!!! Can't wait to see pics of you soon with your son in your arms! What a blessed day that will be. :)

  2. I am as excited as you are! Our appointment is the 15th!
    But I feel ya, some people just don't get it. But you know what? Maybe the only way they will is to watch you :)

  3. Praise God for His provision! I do understand about your "pity party," too. We leave in 3 weeks. Asked some of our friends to come over for a send-off party and to thank them for their help. Everyone is busy... oh, well.
    I am so happy for you! I prayed and prayed for a family for your little guy, even wondered if he was meant to be ours. But, there was another little one out there to start our family - just like he was meant to start yours.
    If I lived closer, I'd throw you a shower!!

  4. The Fishers are ECSTATIC for you, Missy! Can't wait to see pictures of that little prince in your arms!