Friday, November 26, 2010


The Bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man AVAILETH much. In the last few days, I can say that even the fervent prayer of this non-righteous woman availeth much also! Yesterday, we applied for Vladan's passport. There are a couple things that are difficult to get a tired 6 year old to do. Step one: we had to get him to roll his finger (for a fingerprint) across the fingerprint machine. He didn't totally understand what they were doing and the machine was warm so it scared him. Papa was holding him in his lap and I was behind praying my butt off (probably not the right way to say it). I just kept begging God to calm Vladan's spirit and let him know that it was ok. They had to get both index fingers. Finally, after 10 minutes, they somehow managed to get the prints!! Prayers availeth much! Step two: He had to sit still in a little booth to get his picture. Mama sat on the floor of the booth so he wouldn't be scared, but he refused to sit still. More prayers! Finally, Papa managed to get behind the lady taking the picture and made faces at Vladan. He watched Papa very carefully and was still enough for the picture. I don't think his face was a very good one, but it's a picture. More availing (is that a word?) Now to today.

Honey and I managed to find our way to the US embassy today. I called the embassy this morning to find out what we needed to do and the guy told us to come down this afternoon. I told him that we had our son with us and we didn't have his passport yet. Thankfully, he said this was not a problem! (Anyone see God working?) We left about an hour earlier than our appointment. We walked toward the cathedral that isn't far from our apartment. With as popular as this place is, we thought for sure there would be taxis. Nope! So, once again, prayers started going up. Honey was about to give up and just wait until Monday, and I had an idea. I had him wait with Vladan on the sidewalk and I went to the street. I pulled off a "New York cab hail wave" like I had been doing it my whole life and I GOT ONE. (In reality, I have never hailed a cab in my entire life) The guy even spoke a little English! (Score, God!) We got to the embassy about 20 minutes early (everyone was on break) and they let us in the waiting room. At 2pm, we met with the guy I spoke with this morning. He was super nice (I was worried about that) and gave us the paperwork we needed. As we were leaving, we asked about McDonalds. The guy gave us great directions and we had the best Big Macs I remember in forever! I hadn't brought my camera so I don't have pics of what I think might have been Vladan's first McDonalds cheeseburger. After that, we tried to get a cab back to the cathedral, but couldn't find anyone who spoke English or was even willing to try to figure out what I wanted. So, we started walking (and I started praying) After just a couple blocks, we recognized where we were. It wasn't too far from where we hailed the cab before and we knew how to get back to our apartment from there! (Isn't God good? I mean, there were 4 different ways to go when we got out of McDonalds, and God sent me the right way!) We even found a nice little grocery store where we got spaghetti and some Barilla sauce (I hope it's spaghetti sauce) for dinner! Honey said that I had a very good day because I got us where we needed to go and back. I have to say that it wasn't was ALL GOD!

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