Friday, November 26, 2010


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I truly thought I was prepared for this adoption thing. You would think, after reading adoption blogs for 10 years that I would know the process in and out, right? Unfortunately, wrong. I'm not sure how I overlooked this. Yesterday, our facilitator told us that we needed to go to the embassy (by ourselves) and pick up visa paperwork to fill out. Uh, what? I was completely confused. I pulled out my adoption handbook and it said that sometime during the daily visits, we would go to the embassy to do preliminary paperwork and set up our visa appointment. Well, our daily visits were an hour away and we have yet to see the embassy. Hmmmmm. Luckily, I have wonderful online friends who have talked me down from a panic attack more than once since we left almost 2 weeks ago. They knew exactly what I needed to do. I just need to get the I-600 and fill it out. If I would have realized this, I would have printed it out at home and had it filled out already. What I don't get is, HOW DID I MISS THIS??? There is one little issue though. Since we don't yet have Vladan's passport, he can't go into the embassy. So, I guess one of us could go to the embassy and the other could stay here with Vladan. If we could find an internet cafe with a printer, we could print out the paperwork (if we could find someone in the cafe that spoke English) Our facilitator said that it might be possible to print it out at the lawyer's office on Monday. Oh, how I wish I would have realized I needed this. Somehow, I thought that when we did the I-600a, we were all set. I also have to call the embassy to see if there is anything other than the I-600 that they need from us and to set up a visa appointment. We are thinking it would be best to schedule it on Tuesday afternoon because we can't get his passport until Monday. And we have to fit the medical appointment in somewhere in between. I am nervous though because sometimes they can't issue the visa the same day. We really want to fly out on Wednesday, but what if the visa doesn't get done on Tuesday? We haven't changed our plane tickets yet because we're afraid. Oh, how I ramble!

I am glad to be back in the apartment in Belgrade! There is a washing machine here and although there isn't a dryer, I am happy! On the hotel's website (the one we stayed at in Pozarevac) it said they had laundry service. It turns out that the cost was 1 euro.....per piece of laundry. So, we just had them wash our jeans and sweatshirts and a few other things (10 pieces total). The rest of the laundry, I hand washed and hung to dry. Oh, how much of a pain that was. The first thing I did when we got here yesterday was put a load of laundry in the washer! I am so thankful that the apartment has a very cool drying rack. I will post pics of it and the apartment a little later....oh yeah, I haven't posted pics of the hotel, have I? I hung them up last night at about 9pm and they were dry this morning...all except the jeans but they were about 90% dry. :) I am so excited to get back home to my dryer. I thought I would be able to post video here....but this internet seems too slow too. So, you have to wait for the cute videos until we get home. I guess I should end this post and fold laundry.

It's a little hard to see, but these are 2 twin beds...with 2 blankets. It made it really hard sleeping with Vladan between us. He tended to settle into the crack between the beds. LOL!

This is the bathroom from the hotel. Can you see how small the shower is? Actually, the picture doesn't do it justice. Being a larger person in this part of the world makes life a bit more difficult.

Our closet and Vladan (of course). If you notice the above pic and this see his hand. He ALWAYS has to be touching something. We were so thankful that the TV was on the wall. It was too high for him to touch.

I found it interesting that even the hotel used clothes lines to dry the towels and sheets. I'm sure the cleaning ladies here would LOVE dryers. :)

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