Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who said it was easy?

We had Vladan's medical appointment this morning for his Visa. It was the most basic doctor's visit I have ever seen. The doc listened to his heart, listened to his lungs and felt his belly. She didn't look at his eyes, his ears, his throat....nothing. She didn't even weigh or measure him. I was a bit bummed about that because I would have loved an official weight and height for him. We did get a copy of his vaccination records though which will be beneficial later.

At 2pm, we had our Visa appointment. There weren't many people at the embassy that day....actually there weren't any there on Friday when we went the first time either. We got in pretty quicky and the interview was very basic. Why did you adopt? Why from Serbia? Are you prepared for his special needs? (This was the first time anyone asked us these questions...which we found strange) Then the guy said, "That is all for today. You can come back tomorrow to pick up the Visa." Um, what?? We were told that we could get the Visa the same day. We changed our plane tickets to leave Wednesday at 6:45am. The guy that we dealt with on Friday was also there, and he said, "We can get it today." Whew! So, back out into the waiting room. We wait, and wait, and wait. Then he comes back out and says that they are waiting on some authorization from Washington, DC. So we wait some more. He comes back out and says they are still waiting....if they get it by 4:45, we can have it today, if not...."We are sorry." It was 4:15 at that point. I had been praying the whole time...begging God to make the authorization come through. But 4:45 came and still nothing. We left and I was completely broken. We walked back to the apartment from the embassy (probably 3/4 mile or so) in the snow. Vladan is a trooper and trudged through without a single complaint.

We made it back to the apartment and Honey sent out an email to Eldon to change our plane tickets...again. I sent a text to our facilitator about what to do about the apartment....we were only paid up and "reserved" to stay through tonight. Eldon got back to Honey relatively quickly and there were seats available on Thursday. And our facilitator worked it out for us to stay another night at the apartment and she told us that ours was the first problem any adopting family has EVER had. EVERYONE has always gotten the Visa the same day. Somehow, that didn't help me feel better about the situation. :(

I didn't even want to think about dinner....I was frustrated and homesick and frustrated. (Did I say that already?) There was a chicken place right down the street from our apartment. I walked down (by myself...I needed a break and Honey was happy to stay in the warm apartment) Thank the Lord, there was a guy there who spoke English. I'm not sure I was up for charades at this point. I went back to the apartment and boiled up some carrots and potatoes (for a taste of home) and dinner was pretty good! It's funny though...we were told that Vladan doesn't like chicken. He must have been hungry, because he devoured chicken tonight.

So, we wait, again. I know God had a reason for saying, "Not yet!" when I prayed today. And I'm a spoiled brat for being upset about it. :(

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  1. How frustrating!! I'm sorry that you encountered this hurdle. {{{HUGS}}}