Thursday, November 4, 2010

You know you're adopting when...

One of the ladies on Reece's Rainbow's message board posted this the other day. The responses she had were kinda funny....until today. I guess it is just a little thing. A friend of ours had volunteered to take care of our dog while we were gone. Because of unforeseen circumstances, he isn't going to be able to. It wouldn't be a big deal except that we don't have anyone else who can keep her...except the kennel. The kennel we normally take her to is the only decent one around. They have heated floors on the inside part of the kennels and little doors so the dog can go in and out. Being in New England, that is a good thing....some kennels around here leave the dogs outside most of the day and it is COLD! They also walk the dogs at least once a day. The bad is going to cost around $500 for the three weeks we are gone to keep her at the kennel. That is $500 we weren't planning on. And being 9 days from travel, well let's just say it's gonna be tight. I was going to use all the money from my craft fair this weekend to put in Nellie's fund. Sadly, I might have to use it ourselves to help pay for the dog. That makes me feel so guilty! This would be an amazing time to have our family profile change from $0 to anything else.

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  1. Oh no!! I so understand you're dilemma though. We have four dogs, and not just anyone can stay here and manage 4. Boarding them is out of the question, as it would be far too expensive. I will pray someone else volunteers to take your dog for you.