Monday, December 13, 2010

A first

Honey went back to work this past Friday. A couple of the techs at his store gave notice while we were gone, so they are short tech help. The pharmacy manager asked me to fill in a little. That's not a problem, but I can only do it on days that Honey doesn't work. Today was the first day. Vladan and Papa spent the day together and from what I was told, it was a really good day! Vladan stayed dry all day while at the house. While they were out, he was in a pullup and although he used the potty while they were out and about, he messed himself on the way home. Poor Papa had to clean a dirty pullup....his first since we got Vladan. LOL! He can't figure out that part of the potty yet....hopefully it won't be too long. He's so good at peeing in the potty (after just a day or two) I guess I can deal with the other part taking a bit longer.

We finally decorated the tree (that we put up a couple days ago). Vladan is quite the perfectionist and got angry a couple times because his ornament fell off. Our tree is a bit off balance. The top is perfectly decorated (by Papa) and the bottom is heavy with ornaments in one part and bare in the other. It's the prettiest tree I've ever had! :) We even put a santa hat on Vladan while he decorated......he threw such a fit when it fell off (it's an adult size). We truly can't help but chuckle at him sometimes when he gets angry at goofy stuff. But he's getting better.

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