Thursday, December 16, 2010

Serbian foods

When we were in Serbia, I missed food from home. Now that we're home, I have been looking for recipes for food from Serbia. Some of the foods that I have while I was there that I really liked were a traditional flat bread called lepinja (pronounced lep-in-ya), ajvar (pronounced something like ivar *long i sound*) which is a roasted red pepper spread, and kajmak (kimack with long i sound) a cream cheese type cheese spread. I put the three of them put together and it tasted pretty good especially if I warmed the bread because the kajmak would melt and get all gooey. The ajvar gave it a nice little kick. Although I was told that it isn't customary to eat kajmak and ajvar together, my uneducated American palate found it yummy. I found a site tonight that had recipes for all three! I might have to make some of the bread soon. I tend to make American comfort food. Roasted chicken, real mashed potatoes, buttered carrots, pork roast.......meat from a can, not so much (except tuna and occasionally chicken for chicken salad when I don't have any leftover chicken on hand). I haven't made bread with my bread maker since we've been home. Although I did make homemade biscuits and he seemed to scarf those. But then again, they were covered in chicken and gravy. :) I do have to say that I am a lucky Mama in that my child will eat anything I put in front of him. I'm sure that won't last forever, but for now, I am using that to my advantage. Leftovers never go to waste!


  1. Wonderful! So glad he is eating your yummy meals! Thanks for sharing and giving me a "taste" of what's to come.... :)

  2. NUMMMY!!!! Pavlika is that cream cheese/sour cream type stuff. I LOVED it! In fact, the last 2 days all I ate was break with Pavlika on it. LOL So you found the recipe how to make that? You have to share it with me! We have a large Ukrainian community here in the twin cities. Dean (who deals with grocery stores for work) says there is a Ukrainian store in Minneapolis, so I'm going to see if they have that stuff.