Sunday, January 30, 2011

Has it been a year?

Today is our's so hard to believe it has been a year since Honey and I tied the night right here at home. :) So much has changed since last year and the biggest change is sitting at his table enjoying his breakfast of yogurt and a banana.

This morning, Honey let me sleep in. I have had way too many migraines lately and I think it is from being over tired. So sleeping in was a wonderful gift! When I came downstairs, there was a package on my laptop. Now, we had agreed that we weren't getting each other gifts for our anniversary. We have been together for so many years that our actually marriage date isn't a huge deal. I know that sounds awful, but it was just a formality. We needed a piece of paper stating we were married to start the adoption process.

The gift was amazing! Honey had taken all the pictures we had from our adoption and had a book made at Shutterfly. I'm not sure how many of you have seen one of those....but it is an actual book. The picture on the front was one of Vlado on the first day we met him. The first pages were pictures we had been given when we first committed to adopting of him when he was 3-4. The pictures weren't the best quality and turned out kind of fuzzy in the final product, but I was ok with that. It's kind of symbolic of his former life fading a bit. I had taken pictures of the airplanes we were on for our flights and of the flight boards showing our flights. He had even included pictures he took of our dossier package when he mailed it. There are pictures of his foster family and our adoption team.....and on and on. The picture on the back of the book is one taken of him once we were home. I bawled as I looked at it. Honey knows me so well!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I guess I wasn't clear

What I am looking to do has nothing to do with my blog. It is something I want to be able to change (as necessary) as part of a craft project. I want to be able to customize it according to my need for different customers. I want to make a sort of photo sticker that is about 3 inches in diameter and looks similar to the sketch from my previous post. The pictures or graphics and text will be different on each finished product. If I knew the abilities and/or limitations of photo shop or one of the hundreds of other photo editing software....I might know how to do it. :( But sadly, I have never had or used any of those programs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I need help

This is not adoption related, but I do need help. I so wish I was computer savvy and knew how to create a type of art using pictures or graphics. It is really hard to explain what I want to do. This is a very rough sketch I made using paint on the computer.

I want the "button" to be about 3 inches in diameter. I want to be able to add a few pictures or small clip art graphics scattered around the inside of the button (like a sort of collage). And I want to be able to add text in the in between parts. Does that totally confuse you? I have searched the internet for hours looking for some sort of photo editing program that I could do this, but you can't look at all the features of a program without buying it. How am I supposed to know if I can do what I want to do with it? I don't want to buy a program that I'm not going to be able to use. I guess maybe I don't even know what keywords to use for my search. Any techie people out there able to help me??

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do people think??

Today I worked while Papa stayed home with Vladan. Being the sweet man that he is, he brought me lunch. While he and Vladan were hanging out in the pharmacy, I waited on a lady. She asked Vladan if Santa brought him everything he wanted. He responded typically by repeating her question...although most can't really understand what he says. I explained that we just adopted him from Serbia and he is still working on English. We talked for a few more minutes about his age, if he lived in an orphanage...stuff like that. (It's amazing how many personal questions people feel it is their right to ask...but that's a different post) Anyway, while we were talking, another lady walked up and just listened. As the first lady was turning to leave she said, "You are going to Heaven." I responded, "I'm not going to Heaven for adopting." Then, wait for it.......The other lady said, "No, not for adopting one of those kids." I was shocked. I literally stood there with my jaw about an inch from the floor. I think she then realized that she actually said that out loud. She just turned and waved, "Bye, folks." I wanted to jump the counter and pound her. I am not a violent person, but she just insulted my child. And the whole time, he was quietly sitting on a chair playing with a calculator. What on earth did he do to her to deserve such disgust? It's probably a good thing that I was the one working. Otherwise, I might have followed her out of the pharmacy and asked her what her problem was with my son. GRRRRR!!!!! Some people really tick me off!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Today was the first day of Vladan's first whole year that he will spend in the US. Honey decided last night that we would let Vladan stay up to watch the ball drop. (Not that he had any idea what that meant) Around 11pm, I put him on the couch and covered him with an afghan. He moved all around until about 11:57 when he finally nodded off. When the ball dropped, Honey got up and started being goofy dancing all around and "celebrating." LOL! Vladan woke up (a little confused) and got up to dance with Papa. This dancing lasted until about 12:02am when Mama decided it was time for bed. Vladan didn't argue (actually he never does) as I took him upstairs. He proceeded to make noises and bang his legs to keep himself awake but thankfully, it only lasted about 15 minutes. I have several resolutions, but I'm not sharing them yet. I think after last year, since I failed on all of them within a week......I need to not embarrass myself again. :)

I pray that 2011 is as eventful as 2010. I mean, I got married on Jan 30th and became a mom on Nov 25th. On 2nd thought......I'm not sure it is possible for 2011 to be as eventful as 2010. But here's hoping it has some REALLY exciting moments. :)