Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don't want to forget this

This is one of those stories that Vlado will HATE when he gets older....but I really don't want to forget it. ;)

Honey has a little stuffed dog on his chair that has a pocket that hangs over the side to hold remote controls or TV guides...stuff like that. The dog is primarily tan but has a brown tail and brown ears. A while ago, Vlado was pointing to the different parts of the dog naming them. He pointed to the eyes and said eyes, to the ears and said ears, to the tongue and said mouth...then he pointed to the tail and said, "Go poop!" Oh my word!! Honey and I tried to control our laughter, but it was impossible. Thankfully, whenever someone laughs, Vlado laughs too.

Can you tell we are working on potty training around here?

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  1. love it! Children come up with the funniest things, especially those that are new to our country/adopted and are learning the language. Our girls would say the funniest things...and now our 7 yr old Colombian sounds so COUNTRY....its funny to hear.

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