Monday, April 18, 2011

Last day at Mimi and Papaw's house

My brother's family had to get back home because the kids were not on school vacation. So, t0day, Vlado had Mimi and Papaw completely to himself. :) He LOVES attention so he was quite the happy camper. To top it off, my mom hadn't sent most of Vlado's Christmas presents at Christmas time. So, he had presents to open. He didn't like the whole opening presents thing at Christmas this year, but he seemed to enjoy it today. He got tons of toys, but his favorite (by far) was his calculator. I swear, he is obsessed with numbers! He spent hours on my parents' laps just typing away on the calculator and repeating the numbers. At one point, he started with putting in the number 500. Then he erased that number and put 501. He continued erasing and putting in the next number until he was at 600+ (I don't remember the exact number). My mom was kind of shocked the he could do the numbers in order and even if you interrupted him, he remembered where he had left off.

When Honey is bothering Vlado, he will say (in a most exasperated voice), "Please, Papa!" My dad was messing around with him today and he said, "Please......Man!" He couldn't remember what he was supposed to call my dad, so he just called him man. LOL!

My mom was pretty shocked that Vlado will still eat whatever we give him. His lunch today was a cheese sandwich, carrots, and a spoonful of cold baked beans. He chowed down. He truly will eat everything....except pineapple. I'm not sure why, but he really doesn't like pineapple, although he's not a huge fan of guacamole either. Gotta love this kid!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

He has family!

Vlado did pretty well in the hotel. He did wake up kind of disoriented at around 1am and was crying. Thankfully, I was able to calm him down pretty quickly (I gave him my silky and he went right back to sleep).

He was quite excited when we got back to my parents' house the next morning. Once again, he marched himself right up the steps and opened the door. I am normally a late riser so the fact that we walked through the door at around 9am kind of shocked my mom. The girls were just getting up, but I guess my nephew usually gets up pretty early so all the grownups were awake. The boys were immediately together. They did very well together. Honey brought out his iPad2 and the boys played angry birds. They were adorable because one would play and the other one would watch...and then they would switch. They did so well sharing and taking turns. It might not sound like a big deal....but this is something that Vlado doesn't do too well with yet. In several ways, he is still very much a toddler. But on this day, with his cousin, he seemed to grow. Both of the boys are very much into electronics and it was cute to see them playing together. It was good to see everyone because it had been around 9 months since I saw any of them. They were all very taken with our Little Man! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Off to Grandma's house

Vlado has school vacation this week so we decided it was a good time for him to meet his grandparents (Mimi and Papaw) in the mountains. When we were packing up and getting ready to go, Vlado asked, "Airplane?" It was then I realized that the last time we traveled with him was when we brought him home. We found it sweet that he remembered this and thought that whenever we pack up.....we would be going on an airplane. I think he was a little sad when we told him no airplane, just the car. We were a little worried about the potty stuff since it is a 14 hour drive so we put him in a pullup for the trip. I am happy to report that he stayed dry the entire trip. Of course, we did have to stop every hour and a half or so because I have a small bladder. LOL! He became a pro pretty quickly though and figured out what rest stops were for. He had another first too today. He road a ferry for the first time. You can see from the pics that he LOVED it! We arrived at my parents' house at 11:30pm (the ride actually ended up being a little longer than normal because of rain). My brother and his family had driven over for the weekend so they could meet Vlado too. So, after 15+ hours of driving, you would think that he would have been a grump and just interested in sleep. Well, you would be wrong. He walked into my parents' house like he had been there a million times. He came in and got on the floor with the other kids and proceeded to play with matchbox cars. We have tried to get him interested in cars a bunch of times, and he wanted nothing to do with them. But, when you have cousins who want to play with you...I guess it is ok. :) I don't have any pics of him this first night. I had left my camera in the car. My dad took a few pics, but he hasn't sent them to me yet. We weren't there long because Honey and I were exhausted. But we were so excited to see Vlado meet some of his family!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 5

A song that means a lot to you

I have to be honest....this changes regularly. I LOVE music and especially country music. At this moment, the song that means the most to me is the newest song by Rascal Flatts called "I Won't Let Go." It really reminds me of God's love for us and how He loves and supports in what He calls us to do.