Sunday, April 17, 2011

He has family!

Vlado did pretty well in the hotel. He did wake up kind of disoriented at around 1am and was crying. Thankfully, I was able to calm him down pretty quickly (I gave him my silky and he went right back to sleep).

He was quite excited when we got back to my parents' house the next morning. Once again, he marched himself right up the steps and opened the door. I am normally a late riser so the fact that we walked through the door at around 9am kind of shocked my mom. The girls were just getting up, but I guess my nephew usually gets up pretty early so all the grownups were awake. The boys were immediately together. They did very well together. Honey brought out his iPad2 and the boys played angry birds. They were adorable because one would play and the other one would watch...and then they would switch. They did so well sharing and taking turns. It might not sound like a big deal....but this is something that Vlado doesn't do too well with yet. In several ways, he is still very much a toddler. But on this day, with his cousin, he seemed to grow. Both of the boys are very much into electronics and it was cute to see them playing together. It was good to see everyone because it had been around 9 months since I saw any of them. They were all very taken with our Little Man! :)

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