Monday, April 18, 2011

Last day at Mimi and Papaw's house

My brother's family had to get back home because the kids were not on school vacation. So, t0day, Vlado had Mimi and Papaw completely to himself. :) He LOVES attention so he was quite the happy camper. To top it off, my mom hadn't sent most of Vlado's Christmas presents at Christmas time. So, he had presents to open. He didn't like the whole opening presents thing at Christmas this year, but he seemed to enjoy it today. He got tons of toys, but his favorite (by far) was his calculator. I swear, he is obsessed with numbers! He spent hours on my parents' laps just typing away on the calculator and repeating the numbers. At one point, he started with putting in the number 500. Then he erased that number and put 501. He continued erasing and putting in the next number until he was at 600+ (I don't remember the exact number). My mom was kind of shocked the he could do the numbers in order and even if you interrupted him, he remembered where he had left off.

When Honey is bothering Vlado, he will say (in a most exasperated voice), "Please, Papa!" My dad was messing around with him today and he said, "Please......Man!" He couldn't remember what he was supposed to call my dad, so he just called him man. LOL!

My mom was pretty shocked that Vlado will still eat whatever we give him. His lunch today was a cheese sandwich, carrots, and a spoonful of cold baked beans. He chowed down. He truly will eat everything....except pineapple. I'm not sure why, but he really doesn't like pineapple, although he's not a huge fan of guacamole either. Gotta love this kid!

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