Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 months

Today marks 6 months that I have officially been a mom. Six months ago, in Pozeravac, Serbia, the minister of adoption decreed that Vlado's name was Vladan Breen and Honey and I were his parents. He has changed so much in such a short time.

When we met him...
  • He was still in diapers
  • He only spoke 3 small phrases in Serbian (I don't want, Let's go, and It doesn't work)
  • He was so easily overwhelmed
  • He wanted nothing to do with toys
  • He would scream when upset and quite often would hit himself
  • He wandered around (as if in his own world) most of the time
  • He would seek out the dog at the foster home to kick or hit it
  • He had no color...he was so pale!
  • He had no idea what a Mama and Papa was
  • We were told he couldn't learn
And 6 months later....
  • He is almost 100% potty trained although we are still working on overnight dryness.
  • He knows so many words! He can ask for things and is obsessed with knowing what everything is called.
  • He adapts to new situations so easily now. He takes things in instead of getting overwhelmed.
  • He is still learning how to play. But leggos are his favorite now! He can play with them for hours.
  • He doesn't scream even when he is mad. And he NEVER hits himself. (He tries at school sometimes because they give him the attention he is seeking for home, he doesn't even try)
  • He doesn't have time to wander aimlessly now. He's too busy exploring.
  • He LOVES his dog! They are the ultimate "boy and his dog"
  • He has pink cheeks and so much more energy. And he has grown about 2 inches.
  • His eyes light up when we pick him up from school. He now knows that I am his Mama and Honey is his Papa!
  • He has been going to school since January. He loves numbers and the teacher said he has a "math mind." He read a small book in front of his class the other day. He knows all his colors and shapes. He has around 50 sight words that he knows and can write them.
I'm sure I'm missing a ton of other differences. It's just hard to think of them now because how he is, is just how he is. He grows everyday and has learned so much! We were told that he was borderline moderately mentally delayed. When he was tested last was estimated that he is of normal intelligence and is just delayed because of his lack of stimulation. He might have to repeat 1st grade next year, but they are thinking he will be completely caught up in no time. :)

This was the first day we met him. This might look like a smile, but all I see is nerves. He was trying to be happy.

This is him just a couple weeks ago on our way to visit his Grandparents. This is total joy smile. We were getting ready to board the ferry and he was soooooooooooo excited about being on a boat! :)


  1. Ok, umm..he looks JUST LIKE BILL!!!! Clearly you were all meant to be together. It's so fun to hear how well he's doing. Axel has also grown 2 1/2 inches since being home. He had gained 8 lbs but has lost some with his recent surgery. I'm just thrilled to see Vlad's shining smile! Here's what helped me with BOTH of my kids for nightime issues

  2. Love this post! It is so wonderful to hear how he is doing!

  3. What a difference six months makes! The transformation never ceases to amaze me. ;)

  4. Wow, he has come so far under your loving care! What a beautiful boy! Thanks for sharing his growth and great!

  5. Amazing what a super awesome mama and papa can do for a boy. :)