Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy happy day!

Today was my first Mother's Day! Last Mother's Day wasn't as sad as so many before because we were in the process to bring our Little Man home! :) It really seems that (for me) situational depression lessons if I am actually doing something to make it better. Since I was doing something to make me a Mama.....I wasn't so upset that I wasn't one yet. (Did that make sense to anyone but me?) Anyway, I AM a Mama now so I finally got to enjoy Mother's Day.

Honey let me sleep as long as I wanted today! When I got up (at 10 - oh my word!) Honey had Vlado come sit with me. He said something to Vlado (I don't remember exactly what) but Vlado looked at me and said, "Happy Mama Day!" Oh my heart about burst! Tears immediately sprang to my eyes but somehow he knew that I wasn't sad. He got a big smile on his face and I squeezed him so tight. Then, I got to have pizza and ice cream for breakfast. :) That is my ultimate! I got a sweet card too. Honey made it online (although it is from Vlado). On the front is a picture of me and Vlado that Honey took in Serbia. Beside the picture it says

Mama! Thanks for finding me and bringing me home. I always knew you were coming. Who is coming next? :)
Needless to say....there were more tears. I also was given a pretty figurine of a Mama holding her little one. Later that day, they took me to lunch. Vlado had a surprise for all of us. As we were sitting there, the waitress came up and asked us what we wanted to drink. Vlado said, "Apple juice!" She apologized to him and told him they didn't have apple juice but told him what they did have. He changed his choice to "Orange juice!" We were very proud that he ordered his drink. When she came back to ask us if we had made our decision on what to eat, he told her that he wanted a "Hot dog!" If you remember back to November, he was almost completely non-verbal. 5 months later, he is able (and has the confidence to) order for himself in a restaurant. This waitress did not know him, but he spoke clearly enough that she knew what he was saying.....and because he used his words, he got to have exactly what he wanted for lunch! He's growing up before my eyes!

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