Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think he watches me

Today we were getting ready to go take lunch to Honey at work. I told Vlado to get his shoes on and I went upstairs to get dressed. He said, "lunch!" I told him that we were going to get lunch when we went to see Papa. When I came downstairs, the fridge door was open as was the pantry door. He had pulled his lunchbox out of his backpack and was packing it. He had pulled a juice box and clementine out of the fridge. He had also taken a muffin out of the muffin container and was climbing up in the pantry to get a plastic bag to put it in. I just watched him. He got the bread down and took out 2 slices....went to the fridge and got the mayo and a piece of cheese. He got a butter knife and put mayo on the bread. He couldn't figure out how to open the cheese so I did help him with that. But other than that...he did the whole thing himself. I also make up snack bags that have some pretzels or chips and a small cookie in it. He made sure to grab one of those too. It amazes me how independent he is becoming. When we first brought him home, if you gave him a snack that needed opening but didn't open it, he would just look at it. Now, not only is he opening things....he's getting them for himself. It was so cute as he was looking inside the box to make sure everything was there. He managed to remember everything that normally goes in his lunchbox. Then he shut it and said, "Go?" I was so very proud! :)

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  1. Wow. Sounds like he knows his place in the world now, and is happy in it.