Saturday, May 28, 2011

The journey

The journey to enough craft fair stuff begins with one stitch, right? The other day, I found myself having an internal dialog with myself (LOL, that is redundant, huh?) It went something like this.

  • I wish I could have $20,000 worth of stuff for my craft fairs. It would make some things so much easier.
  • much do you have?
  • Um, nothing really.
  • OK, how much have you made today?
  • Um, nothing.
  • Then how can you complain that you won't have enough? You might not have $20,000 worth, but if you don't do anything....YOU WON'T HAVE ANYTHING!
  • But I don't have time.
  • Don't give me that! Just stop playing POGO!
I'm glad that most people can't hear my thoughts. They would seriously think I am nuts! So, even though I feel pretty crappy today, I am going to do some crafting. Vlado is doing some fusible beads things now. Do you think that I can sell those as ornaments at my fair? Maybe I should bring him with me to the fairs....his cuteness might sell more. :)

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