Friday, June 17, 2011

Big water!

Honey, Vlado and I went to the ocean for vacation! We only had a few days but thankfully we don't live that far. A short 4 hour drive and we could smell the salty air. :) Our hotel was just a short walk from the beach so we decided to saunter down so Vlado could get his first view. As we walked down, he was his normal chatty self. We got down to the beach and took our shoes off. Vlado looked out at the ocean and said, "BIG water!" He was terrified of it at first. He would only go into the water if I had hold of one hand and Honey had the other. He still squealed every time a wave would splash against his legs. Eventually, he started walking along the edge of the water. He is at the point that he is starting to explore independence. We know that it is a good thing....he is about at the point a 3 or 4 year old would be. The only problem is that he will walk ahead without looking back very often. If we didn't tell him to slow down or come back, he would have walked a mile ahead. But he seems to know that we won't let him get too far and that's a good thing. He never did get the hang of picking up shells...I guess that will take time.

Yes, he is skipping. LOL! And yes, I put him in pink water shoes. I had them at the house and I knew he wouldn't notice one way or another.

Can you see the nerves on his face? He was trying to be brave, but his face gives it away.

He also decided that chasing sea gulls is a lot of fun. A stranger came up to us and said, "That's the best thing for him...just being around nature and being a boy." Little did she know how right she was. :)

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