Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garden time

We put our vegetable garden in today. It was quite a feat. We have quite a large garden and we really want to use all available space to get the largest crop of veggies. We ended up planting a bunch of tomatoes again this year. I am almost out of spaghetti sauce, tomato soup and soup base (this is a rather thin tomato sauce that I use for the base for chili and veggie soup). I still have a bit of salsa as we didn't really care for the recipe from last year. This year should be better because Honey got me a pressure canner for Christmas last I don't have to worry about adding so much lemon juice to get the right acidity for canning. We have 6 broccoli plants but I might go get some more because we have room for 2 more rows. We are gonna try corn again even though we didn't get a single ear last year (stupid crows!). Beans, peppers, a watermelon plant and various squash round out the space.

I remember last year when we were weeding and pulling rocks, I said to Honey, "I can't wait until Vladan is here so he can be the one pulling rocks." Today, in our garden, our son WAS the one pulling rocks. :) It was amazing to think that just one year ago, he wasn't here, but now he is. And he had so much more fun throwing rocks than I did last year. LOL!

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