Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I wonder....

*This post is entirely too honest! I might get myself in trouble here. :(

When Honey and I decided to adopt again, I brought up the prospect of adopting 2. I thought it would be nice to complete our family with one more adoption process. We have decided that 3 kids will be it. (I know a lot of people have their minds changed about their families being complete, but that's for a different time.) So, anyway, tonight I was looking at the kids available in Baby Sister's orphanage/city and there was a new addition. This new little girl's profile almost exactly mirrors Vlado's profile when he was listed with RR. It was strange reading the same information on a different child. Now, here's the interesting part. Honey really feels connected to this new little girl. She turned 4 in February. Honey feels more connected to her than Baby Sister. He connects to personality in pictures and it's just so difficult to get a little baby to show personality. I'm sure Baby Sister was not so sure about someone with a camera in her face. It was probably a first for her and I'm sure she was a little fearful. Hence, she wasn't all smiley. I feel connected to both, but I'm scared that Honey is going to change his mind about our Baby girl. Oh, my....Lord, please calm my mind. I just pray that Honey says, "Let's just get both of them."

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