Saturday, June 18, 2011

More vacation fun!

Day 2 at the Big Water was not quite as scary for our Little Man! When he first got up, he asked to go back down to the beach. Actually, the exact wording was, "Big water??" This time, he didn't seem scared at all. He ran in the shallow water, kicked water in the air (giggling the whole time) and just had a good time. Later in the day, we went to a town not far from where we stayed. We first went to a small arcade. Vlado tried to play some of the games but they weren't really geared toward kids his age. We found a helicopter "ride" that went up and down and since he loves all things aeronautical, we decided to put him on it. He wasn't a fan. It was a little too scary going up into the air. Lunch was pretty good....we went to the coast and had Mexican food. LOL! We knew there was lobster on the horizon. In another part of the town, they had a pretty good sized zoo and entertainment area with rides and games. We were a little nervous putting him on rides with his reaction to the helicopter. Boy did he fool us! He had a blast on the rides. He did pretty good at the zoo too! He was much more interested in the animals that he was when we went to the zoo in Serbia. He got to feed goats and deer and ducks. He did it like he had done it a gazillion times. We are loving watching him with new experiences.

You can see the difference in his body language. No more fear!

I LOVE this picture! He looks like he is deep in thought.....actually this is one of the few times he stood still for me to get a good picture. :)

Pure joy!

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