Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elated and a little sad

I haven't looked at the families in process pages of RR for a couple days. I normally look at the "traveling now" page to read about families who are in the process of meeting and bringing home their little ones, but not usually the other pages. Today, I decided to look at the "homestudy in process" page which is where our family is listed. I was so very excited to see that someone (or a few someones) donated to our fund! There is $156 in there! When we adopted Vlado, our fund never got beyond $0. We didn't complain about that.....they money was there when we needed it, but it didn't come in the form of donations from others. So, I was very excited to see that people care enough about us and our daughter to donate money to help bring her home. If whoever donated is reading this, we are so very thankful and humbled by your generosity!

Now on to the sad part. There was another little girl (a beautiful 4 year old) who is in the same city as our little one. I never did ask if they were in the same orphanage or not, but I guess it doesn't matter. We were seriously considering adding this cutie pie to our family as well. Reading her profile was like reading Vlado's all over again. When I looked at the "my family found me" page today, she was there. I am so happy that she has a family working to bring her home, but I am a little sad that it isn't our family. We went back and forth for a while trying to decide if we could handle adopting 2 at once. I guess at this point, the decision has been made for us. That is, unless God shows us another one before we submit our dossier (which is a little while away) I guess we shall see.

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