Friday, July 22, 2011

I love a bargain!

Although I haven't gotten involved in the extreme couponing craze, I still do love getting stuff at a really good price. (I would love to do the couponing thing, but I never seem to find coupons for stuff we actually use....even if I got it for free, I don't see the point) Today was a good day!

Vlado and I had just taken Honey lunch and then we went to get Vlado's passport. :) That's a whole other post in itself. Anyway, just as I was getting close to the interstate to go home, I had the idea to go to a local liquidation center (I think that is what it's called) to see what they had. Once, they had mousse and hairspray for 10/$1. I got all the mousse they had (that wasn't broken) and some hairspray and spent $3 it lasted me almost 4 years!! The last time I went, they had bags of taco sized tortillas 10/$1. They were expiring at the end of that month.....I just put them in the freezer! So, back to today. The first thing I saw was gallon size bags full of "goodies." From what I could see, there were granola bars, fruit snack packs, cookies, etc. There was a sign "Buy one get one free" so I couldn't help myself. I rooted around and found 2 bags that were $2.99 each and put them in my basket. It looked like stuff from boxes that had probably been torn open or something so they just combined them with other snack stuff. Then I went into the "pharmacy" area and they had goodnights (which Vlado just happened to need). I saw a 33-pack in his size for $8.50. But behind it, there was another 33-pack (his size) marked down to $7.15. There was nothing wrong with it....looking back on it, I should have grabbed both packs and asked why one was cheaper to see if they would have given me both for the same price, but I didn't. :( Down another isle, they had chocolate chips and peanut butter chips for $1. And yet another isle, hamburger helper was buy one get one free. So, all in all, I spent $16.27 and this is what I got. To put it in perspective, the goodnights alone would have cost $23.99 or so at the store! So, this is all that I got...and everything was a brand name (and in date, trust me, I looked!)

2 boxes hamburger helper
2 bags hersheys chocolate chips
2 bags reeces peanut butter chips
1 33 ct goodnights
(the rest is from the snack bags)
1 small box raisins
3 packages of m&m's cookies
4 small packs of biscotti (not sure if I spelled that right)
2 packs of melba toast (no idea why that was there)
15 packs fruit snacks
6 fruit roll ups
29 granola bars
5 nut & granola packs (they are called breakfast on the go)


  1. Wow what a deal! That's awesome!

  2. WOW! Way to go! I haven't heard of a store like that here (Phoenix, AZ) but I sure wish we had one...