Friday, August 5, 2011

Bonding - updated :)

I wondered if I should share this story, but I feel that it is important.

Honey is such a wonderful hubby! Last weekend, he arranged for me to have a night off! He stayed at home with Vlado and I was able to hang out with a friend and just have a little down time. I wasn't home when it was time for Vlado to go to bed. As Honey was tucking him in, Vlado looked upset and said, "Mama home?" Honey told him I would be home later and that seemed to be enough. A little later, Honey went up to check on him and he was laying in bed crying. Honey asked him what was wrong and he said again, "Mama home?" He told him I would be home a little later and then Honey laid down with him until they both fell asleep. He was sleeping when I got home so he didn't see me until the morning....I was still in bed when Honey got him up. He came in my room to say good morning and when he saw me, his face lit up! He jumped up into our bed and hugged me like he hadn't seen me in years and said (with a huge smile) "Mama home!" :)

Vlado lived in the same foster home for almost 2 years. When we first took him to stay at the hotel with us, I was afraid how he would react to being with us versus being with his foster family at night. (I know that night time is the worst for many internationally adopted kids) He was fine...he acted like he had always been with us. If you remember, we took custody of him almost a week before our adoption ceremony. We learned that his foster mom was going to be at the ceremony and we were a little nervous that the little bonding that had happened with him would be tarnished with seeing her again. When we got there, he walked right by her like he didn't see or or didn't know her. That was a little nerve wracking thinking he might have some serious attachment problems if he could forget her that quickly. (I'm thinking he just didn't see her....he is kind of an impulsive kid)

But, he has been with us a little over 8 months and was seriously distressed that I wasn't home to tuck him in at bedtime. I HATE that he was sad/scared/hurt and I probably won't be doing a mommy's night out again any time soon. But I am so thankful that I now KNOW that Vlado does indeed feel attached to us and he needs us to be around! :)

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  1. That's the BEST feeling!! Jovan has been home over a year and a half and he still kinda freaks out!! Especially when we went to Serbia!!! I am with Srecko ALL the time...but I think he knows?