Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 1st birthday!

Well, today is actually Vlado's 7th birthday. But it is his first birthday with his forever family. We kept it pretty low key. But we did go to Ponderosa for lunch. He LOVES that place because he is sure to get an ice cream cone before we leave. :)

Vlado is still learning to enjoy most toys, but he loves leggos. So, Honey got him the coolest leggos table. It has leggo top that gives him lots of space to build. It also has a cover to go over it so that it becomes a regular table if need be. We also picked up some books for him because if you know Vlado, you know that books are his most important possession. :)

We are leaving to go visit my parents tomorrow. Vlado is so excited to see Mimi and Papaw again. For about a week, Vlado has said, "Mimi, Papaw Monday" I *think* he knows what that means, but we will see. His speech is starting to take off. Summer school was the best for him. Having such a small class and so much one on one time with the teacher helped him grow so much!

This picture is from his last day of summer school. They were so sweet and had a birthday party for him. He blew out the candle by saying "WOW!" while staring at his cupcakes. He had a good time! And it was fun for me to see him having fun. He wore his birthday hat the rest of the day....and a girl at McDonalds gave him a chocolate milkshake for free.

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