Saturday, August 6, 2011


I am becoming one of those moms. You know the ones....who talk about their child and everything cute they said/did recently. So, here ya go! :)

Vlado came home last December almost completely non-verbal. (I know you probably remember that, but I felt I needed to have a little reminder so these stories could be appreciated for all his progress!) He knew like 3 phrases, but other than that...nada. They even told us that he probably couldn't learn to speak because he had been going to a speech therapist and she couldn't get anything out of him. Well, he IS learning! He is very good at identifying almost everything and is working on conversational speech. I have a few Vlado-isms of late and I had to share them.

1. Vlado said his first unprompted sentence and his first tattletale at the same time the other day. He came up to me (a little huffy) and said, "The cat is up!" The cat was in the window and Vlado thought he shouldn't be there. LOL! The dog can go anywhere she pleases, but that poor cat! :)

2. Bill asked Vlado the other day what we were having for dinner. (Questions still stump him most of the time) He responded, "Food" When Bill asked him what kind of food, he said, "Good food!" We were impressed that he understood the question and was able to respond with an appropriate answer.

3. I read to Vlado every night at bedtime. A few weeks ago, I started reading chapter books (just to see if he would sit still for a book with few pictures) We started with "The Mouse and the Motorcycle" and just a few days ago we started, "Ramona Forever" This morning, Vlado walked up to me and said, "No Picky" I had no idea what he was talking about. My confused face was enough, he said, "No Picky" Last night in the book, the cat Picky Picky died. I am still shocked that he understands what we are reading.

4. Today, Vlado walked down to the garden with me (in his bare feet too which is a whole other bit of progress!) He picked a yellow squash and 2 cherry tomatoes, said, "Vlado dinner" and proceeded to walk to the house. He is loving our garden. We are so lucky that he LOVES veggies!

I just had to share! :)


  1. I was JUST talking about the cute things he says. I love the way he says "Hi woman!" or "Hi man!" Unless Patti Lococo is around, and then it's "Hi Patti!" (so jealous)

    I also love how he labels everything and tells you what he is and isn't going to do. "No wet. Clean." "No poop!"

    I loved your last post about attachment! Made me very happy. He's so dang cute. I can't stand it.

  2. Great to read about your son's progress! He's obviously one smart little cookie!

    Rachelle (adopting Gideon/Eddie in 54)

  3. Awww. Glad he is doing so well. LOVE IT!!