Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making progress

After months and months of paper chasing and waiting, it looks like our completed homestudy is within reach. We have been waiting for a long time for the background checks from the state we live in. We found out just a few days before the hurricane (Irene) that our first request for the background check was never received. So, we sent in the 2nd request.....and then the hurricane hit. The office that does the checks was in one of the hardest hit towns in our state. The office was shut down (and actually hasn't even opened back up yet). So, we waited and waited. We were told that no other office could handle the request. So, more waiting. I am not sure how, but we got our background checks back last week!! Woohoo!!! Our SW emailed me yesterday and told me that she is going to finish the homestudy this week and get us copy to make sure it is ok. When we adopted Vlado, the whole adoption never really felt real, at least during the paperwork process. When we got to the point of getting USCIS approval, it started feeling a little more real. This time, it has been the same. The thought that we should have our completed homestudy in our hands so soon just feels weird. It feels like our angel girl is just a dream, but we are moving closer to when we will actually get to hold her. Then we will do the rest of the paperwork needed to BRING HER HOME! I am sad to think that the earliest we will probably travel is February. We were in Serbia on Honey's birthday last year. Do I dare hope that we will be in Baby Sister's country on my birthday is in early February. :)

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  1. That's so exciting!!!! Hey, I think your daughter might be in the same orphanage as our son. Our pickup trip is in late November... right around Thanksgiving. Want to check and see if she's in the same place? If she is, we could carry a package for you! Email us a :-)