Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another month gone

Once again, a month has passed. It's amazing to me that this year has become just month gone, then another. Being a mom intensifies that "time flying" thing.

I can't believe that I missed the obligatory one year gotcha day post and all that stuff. Let's see, we have so many different "one year since" days around here. :)

Nov 15th - the day that we met him
Nov 19th - this was the day that we took custody of our boy...even though the adoption wasn't final yet.
Nov 25th - it was Thanksgiving last year when we had our adoption ceremony so we celebrated "Adoption Day" on Thanksgiving this year even though it was the 24th....and we will probably celebrate adoption day every Thanksgiving (We celebrated a little on the 25th too)
Dec 2nd - the day that we landed on US soil making Vlado an American citizen.

We did have a good time on Thanksgiving. To make our day different, I cooked a duck instead of a turkey and it was pretty yummy! I also made lepinja (a Serbian bread) and Honey said that it took him back to Serbia. :) I'm not sure that Vlado truly understood the importance of the day, but he will in time.

He has been super clingy for a little while. He is in my lap almost all the time, and he doesn't just sit there. He lays back and rests his head on my shoulder and just cuddles in. He lets me wrap my arms around him without fighting it and giggles when I kiss his head. The other night we were all at the mall and he lost sight of me (I was trying to shop for some least favorite thing to do...and I just wanted to find something and leave) He was with Honey, but I could hear him wandering around calling, "Mama? Mama?" It was very cool that he was searching for me. Funny thing is that he would probably have done something similar if he lost sight of Honey. The way he says, "Daddy?" is just too adorable.

School is going well for him. He had issues at the beginning of the year with touching and/or kissing the other kids but thankfully that is starting to resolve itself (we hope) He is still working on reading comprehension, but he can pick up almost any kids book and read the whole thing. He is pretty good at sounding out words, but he has the most amazing memory so most of his reading is memorized words. He knows his 1's and 2's for addition and subtraction. His ELL teacher is working him overtime trying to get him up to speed.

And he is just as cute as can be. This is my favorite pic of him! But this was taken in September. He has lost his two front teeth. One of my facebook friends said he can sing "All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" this year. LOL! This is his truly happy smile.


  1. What a good looking boy he is, and he does look happy. I am glad to hear an update from you, and that you are all okay.

  2. He DOES have an insane memory. He read a ton of my book. I think I have it on video! Whyyyy is he so cute?