Monday, February 6, 2012

American boy

Today Vlado had a dentist appointment. He did amazingly well! He laughed and thought the machine they used to take x-rays was hilarious. He sat up in the chair and opened his mouth wide like he had been to the dentist a hundred times before. Everyone was impressed. After he was done, I was standing by the hygienist waiting for her to complete our appointment card for his next cleaning. He walked out into the hallway. I looked up and asked him where he was going. He turned to me, put his hand up like a wave and said, "Peace out!" Then he started to walk down the hallway. (The building is tiny so he couldn't go far) I just stood there for a second looking confused and the hygienist said, giggling a little, "Did he just say 'peace out'?" When he heard us chuckling, he came back and joined in with the laughter. I am assuming he learned that phrase at school, but it was just so funny that he 1. said it to begin with and 2. used the phrase appropriately.

Needless to say, his English is progressing. He is just the funniest kid!

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