Thursday, April 19, 2012

At least there wasn't a fit

We went back this afternoon. He was all smiles when he came out of his room to see us. I think he just thinks it's cool that he gets to leave the room when all the other kids were sitting on their beds. He started by plucking up some courage and looking in our backpack. At the morning visit, we had brought a banana and some snack things that look like cheese doodles but smell (and taste, I assume) like peanut butter. He is very motivated by food and I think he was looking to see if we had any. I did....but I had it hidden in a side pocket. :) When he didn't find food, he decided that a book he found might be interesting. He only had a minute to look at it though, before the worker told us that she was taking us down to the 2nd floor to a playroom. *He lives on the 3rd floor and we have been playing in a small area at the end of the hall that is partitioned off.

He did pretty well in the playroom although when one of us tried to get closer to him, he would move away. Eventually, I got to the point where he let me sit and play with him. One of the toys was a castle type thing that had 4 holes on the top that had colored rings. If he dropped a ball into one of the holes, it would bounce through the toy and pop out a door at the bottom. I started saying the color names and pointing to them. After repeating maybe 10 times, I tried saying a color to see what he would do. He really tried to get the matching hole and really started getting it (just before he got bored with it). The play room that was beside the one we were in had a bunch of busy bee toys in it. He REALLY wanted to play with those and I was afraid he would melt down when told no. He did whine and stamped his foot a few times. He kept grabbing Honey's hand trying to drag him there, but we managed to curtail any fits. Whew! When it was time to go back to his room, he seemed antsy, but I just assumed it was because we walked past the busy bee room and didn't go in.

We got back to his floor and his caregiver took his hand and told him to go back to the room. He didn't show any problem with this until he got to the door. He looked back at us and started crying. The worker said, "I'm sorry. He is just so sad." I don't really know how to take that. I really hope that he was sad that he was leaving us, but I just don't know. I guess we will see tomorrow morning if he is happy to see us again.

I will end up at least getting some scenery pics up here soon. It has rained every day since we've been here so I haven't taken any pictures of our surroundings. I'm not supposed to have any pics of our boy either. ;)

Although it looks like eye contact, it wasn't.  My camera was down and he looked at it so I snapped a picture.  Doesn't he look so tired?

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  1. I do play therapy with a little boy who has high functioning autism through the autism treatment center of America's Son Rise Program. Whether the behaviors you have been seeing are true autism or institutional autism my advice to you is the same: Join in his stimming as much as possible. It is hard for kiddos with autism to bond in our world under our rules, where everything is unpredictable.. joining him in his world can help significantly with that! Also, be silly! Tickling, over the top facial expressions, etc. Hope this info helps! I followed along with your journey when you brought Vlado home, and I'm very excited to be following along with this journey as well! Can't wait to see some adorable pictures :D Praying for you guys!