Monday, April 9, 2012

Can I count this as therapy?

Quite often when I go downstairs to our basement to light a fire (we have a wood stove that provides most of our house's heat), Vlado goes with me. He doesn't get to go into the basement much so I think he likes to take every opportunity to go with me. Since our stove is there, we have quite a bit of wood down there as well. And, as I'm sure you can guess, there is quite a bit of wood shavings and other various "wood dirt" on the floor. Vlado is still very much a neat freak. When he is downstairs with me, he uses his foot to sweep up the small wood chips into little piles. Tonight, I handed him a little broom/dustpan set...little as in about 4 inches. He squealed because he was so excited. He proceeded to go around the basement floor sweeping dirt up into little piles and then into the dustpan. He found a small box to dump it into. With every pile, he would smile and say, "See! Clean the floor!" I watched him sweep the floor with that tiny broom for a half an hour. Since it took hand/eye coordination to get the dirt up into the dustpan and also the squatting down surely helped his leg is therapy, right?? Otherwise, I think it might be counted as cruel and unusual punishment. I mean, what mother has her son sweep the floor with a 4 inch broom? :)


  1. We bought Jovan a little broom in Serbia at the market to help with chores. Because he is so low to the ground it works great and he says it's just the right size for him!! But hand eye coordination is very important! All of my kids have that have to be clean "gene" in them too!