Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Sunday

Today was a good day. Our little boy was not as open today and I think there might a couple reasons why. First of all, I think he was really hungry today. We bring snacks everyday. Vlado is used to having a mid morning and mid afternoon snack too. We usually have some sort of fruit, mostly a banana or orange. Yesterday, I brought a sandwich and both boys had half. I gave it closer to the beginning of our visit so that it wouldn't mess with his appetite for lunch.

We started off our day on the playground for about 45 minutes or so. Of course, today was the day that I forgot my camera. The boys were incredibly cute together. Our new boy took a bucket loader tractor out of the sandbox and was rolling it around the courtyard. When we first got there, we had noticed a woman sweeping the area and putting the "dirt" into piles. It wasn't actually much dirt but stuff that had fallen from the trees. The boys found these piles and decided to play with the truck. One boy would hold the truck and the other would use the bucket to scoop up a load. Then they would switch. It was quite cute. But both boys like order, so they didn't mess up the piles. I think the piles were more together more after they were done. Several times, "little brother" tried to get to the backpack but he is learning what "wait" means. He doesn't like it, but he's learning.

When we told the boys it was time to go in, he started throwing a fit (like the one on our 2nd visit). We didn't let him control the situation. He dropped to the ground so we just let his hands go and looked at him. Eventually he stood up still squawking. Honey held up the backpack and he seemed to understand what that meant.

As we were going to the play room, I noticed a woman had just mopped. So, we all took our shoes off so as not to ruin her mopping job. I think I did the wrong thing because she seemed to admonish me. I hope she wasn't saying we couldn't go to the play room because we did anyway. First thing, he grabbed for the backpack. Honey told him to wait. I washed Vlado's hands first and I think "little brother" thought he wasn't going to get snack because he started yelling again. When I finished with Vlado, I motioned for him to come over. His smile returned and he gladly let me wash his hands. When I brought out the snack bag, he started reaching his hands to me. I let him have half a sandwich and he gobbled it up. I took out a juice box and he drained it like he was dying of thirst. When he was finished, he tried to get to the orange that was in the bag too. He wasn't happy that I didn't let him have it. He kept trying to get to it for the rest of the visit.

His eye contact was less than yesterday (I wonder if he scared himself by opening up so much yesterday) But he did play ball with Honey and Vlado for quite a while. About 1/2 hour before it was time to go, he found a bag with those peanut snack things. He brought it to me. I gave one and then showed him the sign for please. He quickly imitated me to get another. Then I added the sign for more. And he did that. I said, "more please?" and he signed both together! He seemed quite proud of himself because Honey and I were praising him. Even Vlado shouted, "Bravo!" from the other side of the room.

All too soon, it was time to go back to his room. As soon as he saw that we were putting shoes on, he started getting upset. We got on the elevator and started going up and he dropped himself to the floor. He was at least hoping we were going back outside. The caregiver met us and told him to go out onto the terrace. We went downstairs and we could hear him screaming. We went out to the gate and Honey looked up. Our little boy was standing on the terrace looking down with his arm reached toward us. It is heartbreaking to know that he is so upset, but at the same time, it is good that he is wanting to be with us. Poor baby was still yelling when we left. :(

I promise I will show you his face eventually. :) Right before this picture clicked, he was resting back into my legs. A moment later, he had his arm resting there too.

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