Monday, April 23, 2012

He is one smart cookie!

Our visits are kind of starting to run together. It's always the same routine. We ride up to the 3rd floor. We go to his room and find him...sometimes the door is open, sometimes not. We get his jacket in case we want to go to the playground (we didn't go this morning because we wanted to avoid the bus to school). We get in the elevator and go to the 2nd floor playroom. The boys have a snack and a juice box and then we play. Two hours go by and then it's time to put our shoes back on and go back to the elevator and then to his room. He is beginning to hate getting his shoes back on. :(

This morning the adorable baby with ds was in the playroom again today but this time with an older gentleman. I was happy to see that he was loving up on the baby too! :) We played for a while and I had pulled out my nook tablet to show one of the nurses a picture. Something about the nook caught little brother's interest. He and Vlado tried to play with it for a while, but eventually gave up because they couldn't get to anything interesting.

I was excited to see a little girl I recognized today. She is a cutie patootie who is maybe 5 or so. I *think* she has CP but she is quite a livewire. Her legs are affected and she can't walk, but she hops on her knees to get where she wants to go. And she is FAST! She kept hopping over to us in the playroom but never got really close except to Vlado. She tried to pull his glasses off. Speaking of glasses, we think that our new boy might need to get his eyes checked. He quite often squints when he's looking at something like he can't get his eyes to focus. Today, I put my glasses on him (they are relatively weak...just for a slight astigmatism) and he was amazed. At first, he pulled them down to look over them and then back up to look through them. He did this a few times and then put them right on his face and didn't try to take them off again. It was almost like they helped him see better. It's good to know that he won't mess with them if he does indeed have to get glasses.

I got a little video today of our new boy signing more adorable! He is learning already. He knows what I mean when I say wait. He understands who Daddy is. And tonight, he figured out how to work my least somewhat.

Honey had the nook on his lap and had pulled up a "read to me" book. Our little guy figured out how to drag his finger across it to flip to the next page. At the beginning of the book, there are 3 to me, read myself, and read and record. Honey had hit the read myself button and our little guy didn't take any time to figure out that something was wasn't reading to him. So, he flipped back to the beginning and pressed the read to me button. His smile was a mile wide because he had fixed it. I got some cute video of him cuddled up to Honey playing with the nook. I will post those kinds of things once we have the adoption ceremony.

I know these aren't the pics you want, but.......

These are a yummy treat I found at the store. Each one is about 1 inch square. I'm not sure what to call them...bon bons maybe. Vlado calls them little cupcakes.

We got these at the grocery store deli thinking they were onion rings. When we got them back and heated them up, we learned they were some sort of fried seafood....calamari or octopus maybe. It was still pretty yummy!

This is what we had for dinner tonight. I highly recommend it for anyone coming here and staying in an apartment with a microwave. It was quite delicious and was plenty for 2 adults...Vlado ate a hot dog. I made meat balls with some ground meat (I think it was a mixture of beef and pork) and a seasoning packet (like shake and bake) for chicken. It was amazing! And the spaghetti cooks in the microwave in 3 min and the pasta was cooked was pretty cheap at only about $3.

And finally, Honey and Vlado being goofy in the playroom. Meanwhile, little brother is chowing away on an orange he found in the backpack just a few minutes earlier. :)


  1. I feel kind of ridiculous that the first time I comment on your blog (which I've been reading for ages) is to tell you the name of something, but I believe the square treats are petit fours. At least, it looks like it from the picture. Anyways, love your blog, love your story. Thanks for writing!!!

  2. Bill and Melissa! Sounds like he is beginning to relish seeing his new family and that is such huge progress! He's so fortunate and you too to have the wisdom of your experience of your first son to use to prepare him and carry him through this transition from a community care to the special loving arms of your family! And what a blessing Vlado is to him now and through his life.. As is Vlado in having him!that is a huge gift.

    I dare say your experiences with the interaction and observations of the other children.. While a huge treasure to you in understanding the world he is so used to as he transitions.. Is likely your biggest source of angst and a bit traumatic in your feeling of helplessness of not being able to help them all. It must be so very hard on your beautiful loving hearts! But- I clearly the few moments you give them are a treasure to them..bless you for that!

    We were not able to go to our daughters orphanage- it was flu season and h1n1 was in full swing- so they would not let us visit, although we asked several times. I have thought of what we missed by not having that opportunity. And I have to accept that it was not in gods plan for us- as much as it Is in His plan for you! I think he knew my heart would not survive what I would see- you are so strong, wise and faithful!

    Izabella was not happy to come to us either.. Initially. She too did not live in foster care. But from what I've been told this is a good sign of her ability to bond. As much as the orphanage is not the best place, clearly he somehow knows he is cared for by that community..and can rely on them. And this will mean a faster adjustment once home with you. But it does take patience, following the bonding rules closely and as you know better than I, all the while working with his comfort zone as far as the autism is concerned.

    You have worked miracles in Vlado's life and already have your new son. You are all blessed beyond measure with each other!

    Hang in there.. It's not easy but does have huge rewards!

    BTW- day 3 with us full time was the magical day for us. No smiles or words in the first few days.. So you're well on your way my friends.

    Praying for continued speedy progress on the transition.

    Love and god bless!