Monday, April 9, 2012

Here we go again!

There have been so many things happening in the background of this blog. What I mean by that is there has been some activity happening in our home that I have been quite silent about. I'm not exactly sure why I chose to keep it all a secret. It is actually amazing news and something I should be shouting from the roof tops. But, I allowed myself to be scared by what others might think about our news. I know with 100% certainty that this is what we are being called to do. Still, there are some that might not like it. But I am going to yell it anyway!


In fact, we leave in just a few short week in fact! We will be adding a little brother to our family. I truly wanted a girl this time. We received the information on little brother and I fought it! There were so many things that I told God during the week or so after we received the referral. "God, you know I wanted a girl. You know I wanted a YOUNGER girl! I DO NOT WANT THIS!" I'm sure He just smiled and I'm sure I heard His voice. "You might not want it, but this is what I want for you!" So we decided to go for it. Little brother is just 8 months younger than Vlado and in reality, he is not "little." I mean, he is a little boy, but he is bigger than Vlado.

Little brother is currently living in an orphanage.....the very same orphanage that Vlado lived in before he went into foster care in his country. My boys actually lived there at the same time as infants and toddlers. In this Mama's heart, I can see them in their cribs side by side. I can picture them on the floor playing with blocks as small toddlers (although I'm not sure that happens) I know it is possible that they were never together in the same room, but still I think about it.

We are bringing Vlado with us on this adventure! I worried about taking him out of school for 3 weeks, but this is a very important event in our family. We are blessed that one of those weeks is a school vacation, so he will only miss 2 weeks of school. He is excited to be getting a brother although I don't think he knows why he is excited. He is the same excited as a toddler who knows that there is a baby in Mommy's belly that is going to come to live with them. But that same toddler doesn't truly understand until Mommy comes home from the hospital with a bundle in a blanket. Sharing his home and parents is good in theory, right? The actuality of it might take some getting used to. :) But still we can't wait to go!

Are you ready to take another adoption ride with us??


  1. YES WE ARE!!! So excited for you guys!!!!

  2. Excited and happy for you!

  3. How awesome !!!
    Can't wait to travel along with ya's

    Have a great trip..

  4. YAY!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to go on this ride with you. ;)

  5. Congratulations... can't wait to follow this journey as well! We took our boys, who were 4 and 18 months at the time, with us when we adopted as well (same country you are going back to) and it was such a WONDERFUL experience... I wouldn't have changed anything! So excited for you all!

  6. Melissa maybe it was meant to be you following my adoption journies for all of these years. I know the feeling when I went for my second adoption dreaming and praying for a daughter and getting my son instead. I knew it was to be and moved ahead. Your daughter may be waiting later... Have a great adoption journey and enjoy your newest addition.