Friday, April 20, 2012

Visit 4

My brain won't give me a better title for today. We were a little anxious going into today's visit. We know that he is used to going to school every morning and we are told that he loves going. So, we were nervous that he was going to get very angry again.

When we first reached his room, the door was closed and the kids were all sitting in chairs. I think the caregiver was reading a book. He saw us and I waved. He jumped up and headed for the door. He knows we are there to get him. I'm not saying that he is bonding to us yet. I think that he just likes leaving his group when the others have to stay. We were back in the partitioned area again today. He kept looking in my backpack but when I told him "not yet" when he found food, he did pretty good at putting it back. He seems to understand when I say "wait" and he might grunt at me, but that's it.

A few times today, he grabbed for his jacket and pointed to the door. I heard him say "bus" or something similar to that several times. He knew it was time to go to school. We told him no and he started getting worked up. We tried an experiment (the same one we tried with Vlado) and ignored the fit. Honey and I just looked at each other and not at him. I think he is used to getting what he wants when he screams. The fit wasn't long and he seemed confused that we weren't getting upset. I at least was able to keep my anxiety off my face. He still stomped his foot and grunted and pointed to the door. But he only threw himself to the floor once. And I didn't get head butted!! :)

We had a meeting today with one of the teachers from his school. She told us that he behaves well at school but that wasn't the case when he first started in September. It took many months for him to talk to them or even look at them. He also didn't respond to them when they called his name. (sound familiar?) They also brought up the fact that he tends to have several characteristics of a child on the autism spectrum. I was surprised that this was brought up because he has not been diagnosed as such.

Vlado was a bit more upset today that "little brother" didn't want to interact. Vlado tried several times to play and was ignored.....he doesn't do well being ignored. I thought he would have a problem being at the orphanage again, but that hasn't been the case. But having another child just completely shut him out has been hard for him. But he is still excited whenever we are going to "Viktor's house."

This is what we see quite a bit. He hides his face so he doesn't have to see us. But he loves that firetruck!

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  1. Thinking of you all and looking forward to meeting Viktor!