Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm sorry for once again leaving you hanging.  The last few days have been frustrating because we didn't get the signature we were hoping for.

Well, we didn't get it today either.  BUT, they are changing things up a bit for us.  They are allowing us to have our adoption ceremony on Thursday and they will get the permission signature "later."  I'm not exactly sure when later will be, but I am pretty sure that our adoption will be final once we have the ceremony.  I *think* the signature is just permission to have the ceremony....or at least that is what I am hoping.

So, on Thursday at 10am, we will have our adoption ceremony in a small town about 5 hours from here.  We will have to be up super early and go to the orphanage one last time to pick up our boy.  Since it is so far away, they are allowing us to take him.  Usually, a representative from the birth city travels here to pick up the child since they are still the responsible party for him.  But I think they realized that it made little sense to drive 5 hours to pick him up just to drive back (and gas is crazy expensive here!) when we are going anyway.  It will be a packed car with 4 adults and 2 children, but we will manage.  The man at the ministry said this big trip is just practice for the "main event" of our big travel home.  I thought that was pretty cute.

We will tell the orphanage caregivers tomorrow that we will be picking him up for the last time EARLY Thurs morning.  On Wed, I plan to bring a cake and some juice boxes for the kids in his group.  It will be sad seeing them for the last time.  And I will bring his "gotcha day" clothes for the workers to dress him in on Thurs.  I can't wait for this part to be done so I can show off our boy.  He and Vlado are so cute together and they NEED to be shown off!  :) 

Little does he know that he only has 3 more nights and 2 more days in the only home he has ever known.  He will be coming with us and will never be without a family again.  Oh boy is his life about to change!

I had laid down on the floor and he came over and plopped down on me.  He leaned against my legs like I was a chair. :)

This picture is for my Burlington friends.  Does this remind you of Church Street?  :)  We couldn't believe they put up a cow just for us. lol
They have HUGE snails here.  This coin is about the size of a quarter.  And this wasn't the biggest one we saw!


  1. Very exciting!!!! Can't wait to see the whole family :-)

  2. Excited! Cant wait to see pictures either!