Thursday, April 26, 2012

We need some prayer

I posted about yesterday.  If you haven't read it, scroll down and check it out!  It is pretty cool, if I say so myself!

Now on to our prayer request.  We are waiting on a signature.  How adoptions work here is a little different than some countries.  On last Wed, we met our boy for the first time.  This first visit was observed by the representatives from his birth city.  That evening, they wrote a report about the visit and submitted it to the ministry.  This past Monday, the director of the orphanage wrote her final report about our visits and that was submitted to the ministry.  After that was done, a person in the ministry makes a report taking into account both reports they have received and this is forwarded to the Minister of adoption for his signature.

This is where we are.  We are just waiting.  Elections are being held here on May 6th.  Because the Minister of adoption is an elected post, he is not as his desk much because of election stuff (campaigning maybe...I don't understand that part)  We cannot have our adoption ceremony until we have that signature.

We also have found out a bit of bad news (at least for us).  Tuesday and Wednesday are holidays is their Labor day and it is a 2 day holiday.  Ok, now if the Minister signs tomorrow, is is possible (although not probable) that we will have our ceremony on Monday.  If we don't, the ceremony will be Thurs at the earliest.  After the ceremony, we will get his birth certificate and apply for his passport.  There is a 24-48 hour turnaround for the passport....but these are working days.  So, best case scenario is to have the ceremony on Monday and we may be able to get the passport on Thursday.  If that happens, we might be able to schedule the medical for Thursday and still make it to the Embassy to apply for the visa.  If we can do that, we could pick up the visa on Friday and fly out on Saturday.  This is the absolute best case scenario.  If even one little thing gets messed up, we could be here until 2 weeks from today.

We really need prayer because Honey's time off is only approved through May 6th.  I am really trying to trust God with this.  But, to be honest, with my emotions being so out of whack right now, it is very difficult.  Please, please pray that we get that signature tomorrow and his social center is able to get things together to have the ceremony on Monday.  Please, Lord, you know this need better than I do!

I LOVE this picture!  He was being goofy while Daddy was trying to take his picture!

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  1. The signature you're waiting for is from the Head Minister of Labor and Social Policy. The ONLY thing she has to do with adoptions *at this point* is to put her signature on your paperwork. She does establish the policies surrounding adoptions, but those don't change very often. Adoptions are at the bottom of her list as far as responsibility goes. Very frustrating, I know!