Friday, May 4, 2012

Another one less

I am so very sorry for not posting yesterday.  We had a few hiccups that ended in a rough day.  Boy that sentence doesn't make sense, but I can't figure out how to reword it.  I was in bed before 8pm last night with a massive migraine.

So, anyway.  Our day started at 4am.  The city where our boy was born is a 5 hour drive from here and our meeting was at 10am.  So, we had to get up at 4 to be ready to be picked up.  (Actually, Honey got up at 3 to make sure!)  We picked up our translator and we were off.

The boys did really well in the car.  And that is saying something because there were 4 adults and 2 kids in a rather small car.  Honey and I switched back and forth having a child in our laps.  I realized just how boney our boys butts are. LOL!

We made it to our destination just in time.  We all went in and sat down and words started flying all around us in Serbian.  We didn't know exactly what was happening at first.  Our driver told us that he was afraid we were going to have to come back a different day because they weren't prepared for us.  They were very kind but they had never done an international adoption and weren't sure exactly how to do it.  After about an hour, they handed us forms and shook our hands and congratulated us on our adoption.  It was a little anticlimactic.

Then we all piled in the car again and headed to the building where we would get his birth certificate an citizenship papers.  After almost 2 hours, we were told that there were some things missing on the decree and the birth certificate could not be issued.  The only thing we could do was drive back to Belgrade and we would be called when all the documents were ready for us to pick up.  We have to go back there to apply for his passport.  *I found out just a moment ago that we are being allowed to go tomorrow (Saturday) to do this.  Before just now, we thought we had to wait until Monday!

So, our adoption is official!!  He is our child!!  We just don't have any documents to prove it yet.  So, for the first time, let me introduce you to our son -  Viktor Fuad Breen (his official name is Fuad Breen here, but we are giving him the first name Viktor when we get home)

Viktor Fuad Breen
Born April 17th, 2005
in Tutin , Serbia
Adopted forever into our family
May 2nd, 2012.


  1. Congratulations!!! We are really so happy for you! Praying for a quick and safe return home!!!

  2. Welcome to your new life Viktor! You're gonna love it! Congratulations to you Bill, Missy and Vlado. What an amazing journey for your family. Funny in a "God-incidence" sort of way how Vlado looks just like Bill, and Viktor looks just like you Missy!

  3. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! What a handsome little guy! :) So happy for all of you!

  4. What a good looking young man - congratulations to all four of you!! Life with two boys is quite an adventure :)


  5. Congratulations to both of you!! I have been reading your blog for a while ( i am a good friend of Andrea, I am from Waterbury your husband may know of me) What an amazing journey you all have had! Your sons are very lucky to have such an amazing Mom and Dad. Safe travels back home. Pam

  6. YAY!! congrats.. and its sooo nice to see a picture finally!

  7. So exciting!!!!! so happy for you guys!!!

  8. yayyyY! I can't wait to meet him!

  9. Congratulations Breen Family! Praying that you have a smooth process from here, and a safe trip home!

  10. Congratulations! He's so cute!