Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another step closer!

Today was another incredibly early morning.  We found out yesterday that we could go to Tutin today to apply for Viktor's passport.  So, once again, we all got up and were out the door at 5am.  (If I never see 4am on a clock again, it will be too soon!)  The boys were so tired!  Of course, we did this same trip just day before truth, we were all still tired from it.  And that includes our driver!

We arrived in Tutin at 10am and picked up the social worker at the social center.  Then all of us traveled over to the police station.  We waited for just a few minutes before the lady who was to do the application came in.  She went into her office and booted up her computer.....I'm sure you will all be shocked at what happened.  Her computer could not connect to the network. :(  Z, our driver, suggested that we walk the boys around for a few minutes.  We stopped at a small coffee shop and waited.  Viktor was not as well behaved on this trip as he was a couple days ago. He wanted everything he saw and screamed several times when he was told no.  After about 20 minutes or so, we went back to see if anything happened.

There was a guy in the office with the ladies and we were told that he was a computer technician.  I went out into the hall to sit with Honey and the boys.  Z came out and told us that this gentleman occasionally works on the computers at the social center and the social worker had called him.  She had explained our situation and he said he would be happy to do what he could. :)  Eventually he got the computer up and running and was so sweet talking to Honey.  He congratulated us and told us that we were doing a noble thing.  (I wanted to tell him that I just wanted kids and it had nothing to do with being noble, but I just smiled and shook his hand....he had just helped us and refused payment!) 

It still took quite a while after the computer was fixed.  It seems that the network problem started yesterday so there were several documents in the pending file that needed to be cleared before our application could be started.  She finally started on our data at around 12:30.  She had never done a passport application for a child who had been adopted by an international family, so she was SUPER DETAILED and checked everything about 10 times.  We finally walked out of the police station at 2:30pm.  But we have his adoption decree, birth certificate and citizenship papers.  We pray that the passport is ready on Tuesday like it should be.  Even with today being extra long, we got what we needed.  And it was a beautiful rain during the drive.  It was a good day!

**I almost forgot to tell you something funny.  Honey had his camera with him and took quite a few pictures in Viktor's birth city.  We asked our driver if we would get in trouble for having it at the police station and he said he didn't think so.  Well, as we were standing on the steps (Z had gone to the car to get something), a pretty intimidating police officer came up to us.  He did some pantomime sort of thing telling us we could not take pictures of the station or the cars.  Then he put his hand out for Honey's camera.  We weren't exactly sure what he wanted it for, but Honey handed it over.  Right about then, Z came back and we told him the officer had a question.  He told Z (in a rather gruff way) that if we had taken pictures of the station or cars, they must be deleted.  But he handed the camera back and didn't force the issue any more.  A few minutes later, all of us were in the station and the officer was talking to Z.  Once he learned why we were there (and that we had adopted Vlado 17 months ago) his attitude toward us changed completely.  But that few minutes when Z wasn't there were kinda scary!

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  1. sounds like too stinking much excitement on minimal sleep! But you got everything so yay?!