Monday, May 7, 2012

Is it time to go home yet?

It just came over me today how long it seems that we've been here.  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since we reached Belgrade....we left the US 3 weeks from today.  I know I shouldn't complain because others that have adopted (from other countries that is) spend 5 or 6 weeks away from their homes.  But I think we are all ready to go home.  We need normalcy to return or in Viktor's case, to begin.  The boys are getting sick of the toys that we have too.  OK enough complaining.

We are still waiting on the passport...hoping and praying it is ready tomorrow early in the afternoon.  We have a tentative medical appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30.  I am going to call the embassy in the morning and let them know where we stand.  I am also praying that we can schedule an appointment there after our medical.  It will be super tight, but I can still hope!

Today we went and got Viktor's pictures done for his visa.  He wasn't smiling, but still it was a decent picture.  We also went to the orphanage one last time to pick up his medical paperwork.  And I just remembered that I was going to do a "last walk down the orphanage steps" picture, and I didn't. :(  At the meeting, they gave us all his medical stuff.  We learned a couple medical things that nobody mentioned at our ministry meeting....I found that interesting.  They also gave us some of his school work from this year.  There are drawings and color pages and cute art projects.  Then she showed me a baby book of sorts that they started at school.  It has his handprint on one page and some information about his personality.  It's all in Cyrillic so I have no idea what it says, but it's cool to have it.  Then I got a glance of some printed pictures just as she stuffed them into the book.  And if you know me, it won't shock you that I immediately got teary.  We finished up and I was happy that they willingly gave me email addresses so we could keep them updated with his progress and pictures.  I gave a couple hugs and we left. 

When we got down the street, I pulled out the pictures.  There is even one from his 5th birthday party.  There are maybe half a dozen pictures and most of them are with his group.  This makes me so happy because we weren't allowed to take pictures of him with his group before he left.  Most of the pictures are probably about a year old, but I recognized most every child in his group. 

The nurse also had in the bag that she gave us a gift for Viktor.  She called it his "famous toy" I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by that, but kinda understood when I saw it.  We were told that he loves small cars.  The gift was a set of 20 matchbox cars. :)  I kind of wonder if someone brought this box of cars and donated it to the orphanage.  If they did, it makes me sad that the other kids didn't get to enjoy them.  Still we are grateful for the gift.  The boys had a blast playing with (in Vlado's words), "so many new cars!"

This shaggy carpet is the perfect "jungle" for their cars. :)


  1. Set your embassy appointment for 2:30 (that's the latest they'll let you make an appointment for.) Then call them at 2:15 and let them know you're going to be late. It works. ;-) Ask Z. how tight that day was for me! We picked up the passport at 1:30, the translated documents at 1:45. Medical appointment AND Embassy were both scheduled for 2:00. (HA!) While I was waiting for the doctor at the medical, Z. Took Asher a couple doors down for the visa photo. Somewhere in there I called the Embassy and told them I'd be late. They were all, "Don't worry about it. We're waiting for you."

    SO COOL about the stuff the orphanage gave you! That is just awesome! And the pictures...oh the pictures. You're so lucky!

    Sometimes the nurses would look up words on google translate to try to tell me something. Maybe she got "famous" instead of "favorite"?

  2. We were tight too...medical then visa. It go done and that is all that matters! And yours will too!!! Praying for a smooth ride for the rest of your stay!! We were in country with Jovan for 24 days, Kristina 21, and Srecko 20!