Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meeting royalty

Did I get your attention with that title?  Here's the cool thing.....we did meet a member of the Serbian royal family!  We are staying in a fantastic apartment!  The lady who owns it knows Princess Elisabeth.  Tonight they had dinner and she told the Princess about our adoption and our amazing Vlado.  And, how cool is this....she wanted to meet Vlado! 

We were told earlier today that this dinner was happening and M (our hostess) said that she was hoping Princess Elisabeth would want to meet us.  We were also told that she is very down to earth.  When we found out that she was coming here, Honey insisted that we wear our "good clothes" because "she is a princess."  At first, I thought he was being silly, but I'm glad he insisted.  Their entire party was quite dressed up and even in our "good clothes" I felt underdressed. 

Vlado did very well and even said, "Nice to meet you, Princess." (With only a little prompting!)  And he gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek.  She was entranced. :)  Our boy is quite the charmer.  She applauded our adopting (although that felt a little awkward).  We met outside and our meeting was cut a little short when a car drove slowly down the street and gawked at our guest.  It was almost as if they knew who she was. LOL!

We were honored tonight.  Vlado showed how amazing he is.  M did get a picture of our boy with the Princess. cool was this?!?


  1. Oh how very cool! (and I'm slightly jealous. LOL) Vlado and your new son deserve to be treated like royalty!

  2. That is SO cool!!!!! Wow! What a story to tell the boys as they grow up. :)

  3. Very, very cool! God is full of delightful surprises! I always am in awe if all God does for us when we dare to step out in Fairchild and follow His plan. And it makes me full of anticipation of what next wonderful thing he has planned! Bravo !

  4. And I'm glad to hear that a picture was taken. It'll be something you guys will treasure always...a picture really helps!