Saturday, May 26, 2012

Potty time (or party time?)

When we were in our meeting with the ministry and were told that Fuad was NOT potty trained, my heart kind of sank.  How silly was it of me to assume that just because a child was going to school that he would not be in diapers?

He seemed interested in following Vlado to the bathroom, at first.  We thought that was a good sign.  But then he lost interest.  :(  I chose to not push the issue when we first got home.  I thought it was a good idea for him to get used to all the other new things in his life before I tried something as difficult as using the potty.

I'm not sure why, but yesterday seemed like a good day to start.  I started slowly by leaving him in his pullup and taking him to the bathroom.  I would tell him to "go pee" and stand him by the toilet.....both Honey and Vlado stand, so I figured he would understand that better.  I didn't have any luck with that.  When Vlado got home from school, I had Fuad go into the bathroom with him and try again.  Vlado went and came out.....then I heard more tinkling!  We were all very excited!  Then came the scary part. LOL!  I took him out of his pullup and gave him underwear.  He pulled them part way up and then just whined.  He wanted no part of wearing ONLY UNDERWEAR!  He did pretty well for the rest of the day.  We only ended up with one small puddle.  We are very happy that he has figured out the "how" of the to just figure out the "when."

I did put him in a pullup to sleep.  This morning, when he got up, his pullup was only a little wet.  Usually he has a 10lb pullup in the morning.  I think he's getting it....although I'm probably going to have to retract that statement at some point.  We will see.  I really hope that he gets it this easily.

This next part is probably going to make some of my adoption friends cringe.  We had the school come out to the house on Thursday to do an informal evaluation.  Fuad exceeded their expectations.  He showed great ability to problem solve and understand some not so easy concepts.  He was able to stack 8 smallish blocks (which we were told they didn't expect him to be able to stack more than 6 without them falling over)  He stayed very focused on them.  When they came for Vlado (after he had been home for a month), he was all over the place.

They told us that they want him to start part time on Wednesday.  I know it is VERY SOON and we should keep him home for bonding and such.  Vlado attends summer school and the teacher/student ratio is amazing!  Last summer, he had some unbelievable strides educationally.  We really wanted Fuad to be able to have that too.  But in order to be qualified for summer school, he has to be enrolled before the end of the year.  The special ed teacher also has to have time to observe him to prove that he is  behind enough to warrant summer services.  He is going to be so excited when he finally gets to go to school!  He gets so upset in the morning when we drop Vlado off and he can't go too.

Our SW came on Thursday too for a post adoption visit.  She was impressed with Fuad! :)  She said she was so surprised that we have another child who does not have any major problems.  We are blessed.  I am ready for another one. :)

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