Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There were so many things that we needed to get done today.  We were seriously praying that Viktor's passport would be ready when we got to the police station.  Everything else depended on that.

Z picked us up at 12:30 today.  We drove to the police station and went up.  Judging by the long line of people in the hallway, we knew that it would take a while.  So I took the boys outside and they played on a playground that is right next door.  We were there for maybe 45 minutes when the cell phone rang.  It was Z and they needed me at the station to sign for the passport.  Woohoo!  Less than 5 minutes later, we were walking out of the station with a spanking new passport. 

We then had to meet with our translator to pick up our translated adoption decree, birth certificate and citizenship papers.  That took no time at all and we had time to spare for our medical appointment.

Our appointment was changed this morning (by the doctor) to 2:10.  We arrived at 2pm and she let us in and began the process.  We walked out of her office at 2:40 with medical documents in hand.  The medical was very basic but still much more in depth than Vlado's. 

We got in the car and I called the embassy to let them know we were on our way.  I had called this morning and made an appointment for 2:30.  Thankfully, they were ok with us being a little late.  We went right into the embassy and were sent immediately back to "window 8" which is actually a small room.  We gave them all our documents and then we waited...and waited....and waited.  At around 4:20, the officers came back and started asking a few more questions.  Most of the questions were centered around Viktor's birth parents and how it was that he came into custody of the center for social care.  We told them what we knew.  I knew something was up when the officer turned off the microphone (they were behind a plexiglass partition) so I couldn't hear what they were saying.  They turned it back on and gently explained that we had a problem.  There was NO documentation explaining how our boy "became an orphan." 

When we were in his birth city, we asked specifically for these documents.  We were told that they didn't have them.  Today, our driver called the social worker again and told her our problem.  She then told him that they did have the documents and they would mail them...tomorrow.  So, we are once again waiting to see what happens.  They are going to fax the documents to the Ministry tomorrow before they mail them and we hope that the embassy will accept a fax copy. 

***So, this is a bit of advice for other families coming to Serbia to adopt.  When you have your adoption ceremony, MAKE SURE that you get documentation that indicates why your child is an orphan.  This can be the relinquishment documents that the birth parents signed or a court order showing parental rights were terminated.  But you need something for our embassy!!  I know I sound a bit callous, but I don't mean it that way at all.  I just want you to not have to go through this too.  There are many cities here who have never done an international adoption and the more YOU know about the process, the better.  I am not bad mouthing anyone.  I'm sure the reason we weren't given the documents before was a complete misunderstanding.  I am guessing they didn't totally understand what we needed.  So, I don't blame anyone!  If you are the praying sort, pray that our embassy accepts the faxed copy. 


  1. OMW! Praying, indeed! (And, I'm grateful for any and all advice! :)

  2. I am SO sorry you've had yet another delay. I will say this, (you're going to hate me) I'm glad this has happened with an experienced adopter and not a fist-time adoptive parent. That first time is so overwhelming, as you well know, it's impossible to think of all the things.

    The document you're waiting for is new document. Well, there used to be one similar, but it was changed after our adoption of Axel. Still, it should have been done, particularly when you ASKED for it!

    Every adoption has glitches. You've had your share and it's time to come home. I'll be praying the Embassy accepts the faxed copy!!!!

  3. Oh no. I hope they get those papers for you soon!! sending positive thoughts your way.