Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tomorrow is the day

Oh boy, can you say that 4am is early!!  We have to be up at that time to leave for our 5 hour drive to our boy's birth city.  Having 2 seven year old boys in the back of a car for 5 hours will be good practice for when we make the trek to my parents house in the Mountains....that's 14 hours.

I have our snacks and drinks ready to throw into the backpack.  Clothes are laid out ready to put on.  Little bodies had a good shower and are preparing for the big day ahead.

It will probably be late (or at least late for us) when I post again.    Although, since we're 6 hours ahead, it won't be late for you guys.  I plan on posting TONS of pics tomorrow....I will even go back and put in some to go with other posts.  I want you to see the progression of his trust.  It is so evident in our pics. 

He wasn't ready at first, but he is ready for a family NOW!

**I can post these pictures now.  We busted him out of the orphanage a day early and these are from our first day together as a family (even if it wasn't official yet)
The boys throwing "helicopters" off the balcony
Eating his first meal with his brother
All showered and ready for bed in their matching PJ's. I could not get them to sit still!


  1. That's awesome!! Can't wait for the pics! Enjoy the ride! If J is driving you will get there fast! He drove us almost 4 hours away in no time at all! :) Have a safe trip!

  2. I've been anxiously checking back for updates - praying that all has gone well today!!!