Saturday, May 12, 2012

Viktor is home

Maybe I should have titled it, "We are all home!"  We stepped through our front door at about 8pm last night and we were all exhausted! 

I should start at the beginning...when we were still in Serbia.  I was glad that we had Thursday to do some souvenir shopping and stuff.  I started packing at around 6pm on Thursday....mostly just clothes that were downstairs.  Once I put the boys to bed at 8pm (I tried earlier, but it just didn't happen) I put it in high gear.  I have no idea how we managed to spread out our stuff that much in 3.5 weeks, but we had stuff EVERYWHERE!!  I finally finished at 10pm.  You would think that I would go to bed at that point (since I knew I had to get up at 3:30am), but no.  I was wired and could not sit still.  I paced....I never pace.  It was almost midnight before Honey and I hit the sack.  I still didn't sleep though.  I think I managed to get about an hour sleep before it was time to get up, shower, and finish packing our toiletries and various things that didn't make it into our luggage the night before.

The boys were confused, but both were happy.  Vlado was excited when he saw all the packed bags by the door.  Our driver was right on time at 4:30.  His dad came too (in his own car) because we (crazy Americans) had too much luggage.  So, on our way to the airport, our family was in one car and our luggage was in the other.  LOL! 

The airport seemed so confusing.  We finally got our checked bags taken care of and had our tickets in hand.  We made it through security and then through passport control.  When we got to hallway by our gate, we saw a HUGE line and our flight was going to start boarding in 15-20 minutes.  I'm not sure why, but a very nice security guard waved us up to the beginning of the line (Honey said that he thinks you get treated better at airports when you have small kids...I think I believe him!)  We had to go through a 2nd security scan and then we were in another waiting area.  They don't announce the flights.  Around the time that boarding should begin, people just start lining up.  Viktor did not like that at all!  He tried to throw himself to the ground, but somehow it didn't happen.  It probably had something to do with all of the people crowded around like sardines.  When we got on the airplane, he was so excited!!   There was no fear at all!  I didn't see any anxiety at all until he saw that the plane was landing.  It wasn't because of the landing, but because the ride was over.  :)

We had a meltdown at every airport because Viktor did not want to wait!  He just wanted to get on the next plane (although he calls them autobus)  I didn't want to encourage his behavior, but I have to admit that I calmed him with snacks on more than one occasion. 

We made it to Washington DC and immigration was a breeze!  In Philly (last time), we had to stand in line to talk to one officer.  Then he sent us to another room where they processed paperwork for immigrants...and they weren't super quick.  We were happy with how efficient it was at Dulles, although it still took about an hour.  We had a 4 hour layover so it was fine.  I had to go to the service desk to get our tickets for our last flight.  I could have used the kiosk, but I was hoping to change seats.  When our travel agent booked the flight, there were only 5 seats left on that flight and none of them were together.  I got super lucky (not so much) that a flight to Pittsburgh had been cancelled so all the other people in line (about 15) were angry and impatient.  I ended up waiting in line for another hour or so.  When I got to the front, the attendant wasn't super trained.  It took him 20 minutes to print tickets (I had asked him about switching seats, but then told him to forget it and I would figure it out on the plane)  Honey had taken the boys to Five Guys (it was right across the hall from the service desk)  Neither of them ate though....they just grumbled.  Yes, I know they were tired, but when you are tired's so hard to deal with a whiny (or in Viktor's case screaming) child. 

Viktor fell asleep on the final plane, before we even took off.  Vlado was having some serious tummy issues so he whined the entire flight.  We finally landed at home at 6:30 or so.  It was so cool that Honey's sister met us at the airport.  She had flowers for me (isn't that the sweetest?)  She told us that she had something for us and went to her car.  She came back loaded with bags....of food!  She made a HUGE shepherds pie.  It is big enough for several meals.  She had bought breakfast - bananas, croissants,  cereal, milk, a bag of fruit, pop tarts, and I know I'm forgetting something.  I was so thankful!  I have heard of adoptive families who have people who bring them food when they first came home.  It felt so good that she thought of us in that way.  We were so exhausted last night and it was so great that we could just go home and not have to worry about stopping at the store.

The boys went to bed almost immediately when we got home.  They were both sacked out when I checked on then 10 minutes later.  :)  I managed to stay up until 10 or so.  When I finally went to bed, I don't remember even turning over once.  I was OUT!  When Honey came to bed an hour later, I woke up in a panic.  (That tends to happen when I am asleep really hard and get woken up!)  Honey said he heard Viktor singing to himself at around 4am.  It's 7:30 now and his head is on the table.....if Vlado would stop talking, Viktor would probably go to sleep.

I will post about our first day home tomorrow because this post is long enough.  But one cute story.  This morning, when we got up, we found Viktor playing in his bed.  I assume he woke up and didn't think he would go back to sleep.  So, he got up and grabbed some toys and brought them back to bed.  Vlado still won't do this even though we have told him he can.  Vlado stays in bed until he hears us up.  Maybe he will understand it is ok to get up and get a book or play if he wakes up in the morning (and Mama is still sleeping) 


  1. Yay for home!!! All of our kids fell asleep on the last flight! They were excited as well! Glad you made it home safe and sound! Can't wait to hear more! :)

  2. Yikes! A very long day indeed! Thankfully today I'd mothers day! Happy mothers day Melissa- mommy of two precious miracles!