Sunday, May 6, 2012

We took a day off

After the last few days being so emotionally charged, we we were all due for some down time.  Our poor driver, Z, started getting sick a few days ago.  His 6 year old son has been sick, and he finally decided to give it to his daddy.

So, yesterday, we told him we would call him if we needed him.  We all slept in pretty late.  Well, Honey only slept until 7am, but for lately, that is late.  Both of the boys slept until around 9:30 and although I was pretty much awake, I decided to snuggle in bed until 10am.  It won't last long, so I need to take advantage of it while I can. :)  Honey had already fed the boys (isn't he a good Daddy!).  I threw a pizza in the oven and ate some for my breakfast.  I was one happy Mama today!  The boys got the rest for lunch (that made me happy too because it was already made!)  Viktor eats as well as Vlado and he takes his cues from him.  Today, I had sliced up some cucumber for them and put a little salad dressing as dip.  Viktor was eating a slice and he saw Vlado dip his in the dressing.  It was so cute as he watched him and then decided to try it too.  He has such a cute little "mmmmmm" noise.  He seems to love everything he has tried so far....well except for a sandwich that I bought at a mini mart the other day.  But they had put olives on it and the cheese was VERY strong smelling so I don't blame him for not liking that.

Around 3, we decided to walk to the grocery store.  It is maybe a mile or so from the apartment.  About half way there, Z called to ask if we needed him.  I had to convince him we were fine and were out on a walk.  I didn't tell him we were walking to the store because he would have probably drove over to get us.  Viktor did GREAT in the store!  He didn't touch anything (unless Vlado touched it first)   Each boy got to pick out a snack and we had to convince Viktor to get something different than Vlado. :)  I had taken my camera with us, but there are so many embassies (did I spell that right?) on that route, I decided it was better to not take the camera out (especially after our run in with the police yesterday)

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing!  The boys got pudding for snack and each emptied his in 2 minutes flat. :)   Tomorrow we have to go back to the orphanage to pick up his medical packet.  This is what we take to the doctor during his medical so they can list all his immunizations and such.  And we will probably get his visa picture taken so it's one less thing we have to worry about on Tuesday.  We are still praying the passport is ready on Tuesday!  We all feel much better after our day of rest!

No, they aren't sleeping.  They are just watching cartoons.

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  1. I feel rested just reading your post. I'm so happy you were able to have this day to lay around, and get a nice walk in. I love the walk to the store, there is much to look at! Axel and I often took a right at the end of the street you're living on (so at the top of the hill) and there are some cool houses down the way. That same walk to the store, Axel and I walked home one NIGHT in a blinding snowstorm. I'd only been driven that direction NIGHT, and wasn't 100% sure I knew where I was going. It was TERRIBLE and we weren't dressed for it. Fortunately I had gloves for Axel, and a hat. No boots though, and it was heavy wet snow. We were both soaked to the bone and freezing when we reached the apartment. Got him into a warm tub (I used a piece of plastic bag to plug the drain in the shower downstairs) and me into a shower. Probably one of my worst memories. LOL