Monday, September 10, 2012

It matters.....people helping people

I know, I all deserve an update on Fuad and Vlado.  It will come soon....I promise!  But for now, there is something else a little more pressing.

My friend, Tara, and her husband are wonderful people who currently have seven kids.  One of their boys, Simeon (lovingly called Eon), is blessed with an extra chromosome.  He, in turn, has blessed his family.  They have been so blessed that they decided that they wanted to add another child to their family that is blessed with that same extra special chromosome. :)

Tara and Shawn are adopting....and not just from anywhere!  Their 8th child is coming home from Serbia. Their dossier should be on its way there this week.  Due to the fact that Serbia is very quick once  your dossier arrives at the Ministry, they might be traveling in 3-4 weeks!

While they have plenty of resources to care for this wonderful child once he/she is home, they are still a little short in the department of the lump sum that is needed when they travel.  Now, you know that most people don't have thousands of dollars just sitting in the bank.  This is where you, my loyal readership, come in.  Please visit her blog and show her a little love. :)  She has a chip-in where you can donate.  Really, any amount is appreciated and will help so much.

 Now, I have a little gift for you.  For the next 15 people who donate at least $10 to Tara's adoption fund, I will send you 5 starfish Christmas ornaments. All of the ornaments are hand made and will vary in colors and/or charms (some have bells).

 If you have never read the "Starfish story" you really should.   I realize that $150 isn't a huge amount and many will say "what will it matter?"  But that is the whole point, right?  If we all do a little, together we can do HUGE things!   Comment here to let me know you have donated and leave me  your address.  I will moderate comments on this post so your info won't be made public. :)

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