Saturday, September 29, 2012 update? Really?

I was, um, reminded yesterday that I had not posted an update in some time.  It's strange how quickly time passes when you have two active little boys who are constantly moving.  I have also been working more hours lately.  Every dollar counts.  Ok, enough excuses...on to the updates. 

There are so many new things.  First off, Fuad is 100% potty trained!!!  We are completely done with pull-ups at our house...even at night!  Vlado still has a problem staying dry at night unless we wake him up and have him go.  Fuad has been dry every morning since we stopped the pull-ups.  He is really good about racing to the bathroom as soon as he gets up.  He has had a few minor accidents at school, but I think most of that is because they go directly from lunch to the playground without a stop at the bathroom. All of his accidents have been as they are coming in from recess.

And on that subject, all I can say is UGH!  The boys had summer school this summer and Fuad did very well.  At the beginning of the regular school year, I was told that he was having a few meltdowns.  The biggest was at the end of the day when he didn't get on the bus like the rest of the kids.  I kind of expected that because he has a thing for buses.  Thankfully, we were able to get that under control and there is no longer a fit at the end of the day.  Other than that, I was told that he does pretty well.  Last week, I was in his class as a volunteer to do a nature program.  He was, for lack of a better word, a complete and total jerk.  He wanted to be on the computer, but he was being made to be with the rest of the class (with his aid right beside him) for the nature lesson.  I believe he knew that I wasn't able to do anything about his behavior because I was teaching a lesson.  I saw him throw himself to the floor, scream, try to head bang the aid (like he did to me in Serbia when he left a knot on my head), flail all over and almost kicked another child and he did make contact and kick his aid.  I was SHOCKED!  We have not seen that type of behavior at home since the first week he was home.  I think what is happening is that he is still trying to figure out if the teachers and aids at school are really in charge.  He KNOWS we are in charge at home and does not try to push boundaries (too much anyway).  We are going to try something new on Wednesday.  I work on Mon and Tues or I would try it on at least one of those days.  I am going to hang out at the school.  I won't be in his classroom all the time.  I will just be available for when he throws a fit.  He won't know when I will pop in to check on his behavior.  It just really irritates me that he is doing this stuff.  He knows how to do his work....I know this because we have him do the same type of stuff at home.  And he sits and does it with no fussing.  His teacher told me that everything they ask him to results in fussing.  He just wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.  UGH!

We took Fuad to the doctor the other day.  He has been home almost 5 months and has not gained an ounce.  In fact, he has lost a little over a pound.  And...he has grown 3 inches!  He is still in the healthy range for BMI but barely.  They took his blood and are going to check him for diabetes, his thyroid level and also for celiac disease.  If all of those are normal, I'm not sure what we will do.  He eats the same amount as Vlado (I checked with the school and he does, in fact, eat all his lunch everyday).  Vlado is thriving and Fuad is not.  It is very confusing.  I just can't imagine that he is getting less calories than he was in the orphanage.

We went on vacation to Maine right before school started.  Vlado was so different with the ocean this time.  The last time he saw the "big water" he was terrified.  He got a little better but never really trusted the waves.  This time, he LOVED it!  I took him out into the deeper water and he had a blast getting pounded by the water, well, until he got water in his mouth. :)  Fuad was so afraid!  We eventually just let him be and he decided the water wasn't too bad.  He didn't go into the deeper water, but he walked into it a bit and decided to enjoy himself.

We went to an aquarium too.  The boys enjoyed looking at the fish but Fuad wasn't too happy about sitting down for a picture or two.

Both of the boys LOVE being outside.  It's sad that lately it has been so rainy and overall crappy outside.  I can't wait until the snow flies.  I wonder how much Fuad has been able to play in the snow.  We get lots of it here (since we live on a mountain). Having 2-3 feet isn't a shocking thing here.

We went on a hike last weekend.  The first few minutes, Fuad fussed and moaned and groaned.  Then, out of the blue, he seemed to change his attitude.  He kept up with Honey and Vlado.  If it wasn't for me having an asthma attack, we probably would have made it to the top of the mountain we were climbing.

The other day, I walked into the kitchen and found the boys in these boxes.  They were pushing themselves along and making car noises.  It amazes me to finally see imagination in Vlado.  Having a little brother has helped him grow!

So, overall, we are doing very well.  One other minor detail...we finally decided on a new name for our boy.  :)  We originally wanted to rename him Viktor and keep Fuad as his middle name.  When we were in Serbia, we started calling him Viktor Fuad but it just never felt right.  Viktor was just too strong of a name for our timid boy.  So, we got home and dropped Viktor and just called him Fuad....he never was officially Viktor anyway. We were told that we didn't need to readopt him to change his name so it wasn't a rush to figure it out.  Well, about a month ago (or maybe it was longer), we decided on a name.  We went to vital records and filled out the paperwork.  We got his birth certificate in the mail a couple weeks ago.  So, he is now officially Luka Fuad Breen.  Nothing has really changed though because he still goes by his middle name.  I'm not sure we will ever transition him to Luka, but I still love the name and it does fit him.  So, that is the long and short of what we've been up to lately. 


  1. It is amazing to me, what something as simple as a family can do for a boy. ;-) I say that with sarcasm, since I know it's no "simple" thing! HA!

    Lurking around school. Hmmm sounds familiar. LOL

    The weight gain: Has he been checked for parasites? Asher came home with pinworms and they were in the same facility.

  2. Yay for an update :) I love the name!

    I could have written this post. Actually, I may have written this post. We are seeing the EXACT same behavior with K at school. I am working in his school now, and it's frustrating (and embarrassing) to see how he acts at school. Even when he has a "good day," he is still being obnoxious. We added a behavior chart (happy/sad faces, very simple) that comes home every day so that he knows that bad behavior at school = consequence at home. It hasn't solved the school problems, but it has made some difference. Unfortunately, K is bringing home behavior that we hadn't seen in a long time because he's getting away with it at school, so it's good that you're able to be available to stomp out the school behavior ASAP.

    We are ALSO dealing with a kid who won't gain weight (he grew 2 inches really fast and then stopped). If he doesn't start growing in the next 3 months, we're going to do allergy testing and request that they re-test his thyroid levels. Does Fuad sleep? The doctor keeps pointing to K's lack of sleep to explain his lack of growth. That or possible prenatal exposure.